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  1. Bear

    Pulling hair out calling php file from batch file

    I'm having a hell of a time getting php to return a string. I don't know where they are going to install my batch file so I set the file location via %~dp0. there are 2 functions in my .php file, one to process color another to process Joomla's Version. The joomla one worked fine until I made...
  2. Bear

    Extremely slow write times.

    Hey guys, idk whats going on, but a new install of win10 pro x64 has EXTREMELY slow read/write times on my HGST 3TB drive. This has only started happening since I reinstalled windows. What is the world is going on? *nix does NOT have this issue. stats: CPU: AMD FX-8350...
  3. Bear

    forced readonly on root folders

    Idk wth is going on but its getting extremely annoying... I have a folder "neard" in c:\ so its c:\neard\ and its a lamp stack. every time I try to delete a folder/file in c:\neard\www it get a administrator required and then it still fails. I've tried setting the permissions and they all show...
  4. Bear

    Windows 10 Can't recognize HDD as HDD

    Not sure whats going on but for some dumb reason windows 10 is not recognizing my 3TB Hitachi UltraStar 7K3000 as a HDD it insists its a SSD. My 850 evo has to go back to samsung so they told me to clone the c: onto D: then change boot order. Perfect sense, same as always so I do so and now not...
  5. Bear

    BSOD starting again.

    I'm still only running windows defender as requested in previous thread and suddenly the crashes have started again. When it triggers, its either a BSOD or total lockup of the system.
  6. Bear

    Hazy metro

    Ok, idk what in the world is going on but suddenly yesterday or day before the entire metro thing looks weird.. it's like there is a gray skin cast over the area.. It started about the same time as the faulty nvidia driver update. the tiles got stuck flashing and then I restarted and that...
  7. Bear

    BSOD / LOCKUP suddenly no hardware changes

    I don't know what in the world is going on but in the last 24hrs I've had 3 HARD lockups, a bsod ( last night while idle ) , Camtastia Studio crashing , Chrome sites saying flash is not installed, another site on IE said java was not installed. All of this was working fine just the other day...