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    Internet Access

    When I click on "Internet Access" Icon on the taskbar, I see a list of user names that I do not know. Does this mean these users are getting a free ride on my wifi? Also I find my laptop wakes up from sleep on its own and I wonder if its related to this issue?
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    McAfee Shreading Tool

    Hello all, I have used this tool before with no problems. But my last attempt ended in failure as most of my documents were shreaded and not recoverable. But I have a backup and was able to restore most of the files. The problem is some of the files were new and were not on my most...
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    Video Commercials

    Anyone know how to stop these video's from running. A local news station runs a commercial on every story they report. Once is enough. But I would like to eliminate them entirely.
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    Video Ad's

    Hello, Anyone know how to stop video ad's? When I want to view a newscast video, I am forced to watch an ad. This ad pops up even when I switch to another subject on the newscast. I seen some solutions doing a search and tried them but they did not work. The ad that I am forced to watch...
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    Cannot Print Emails Or Web pages

    Hello, I can print documents and take screen shots and print them but my printer will not print emails or webpages direct. What steps do I take to try and solve this?
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    Display Turns Off

    Hello, I have my display and sleep settings set to "never". But after 3 minutes of inactivity, the display turns off. It's annoying and what else must I do to fix this?
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    Windows 10 Unsubscribe Or Just Ignore

    Hello, I am getting my share of emails from those wanting to sell me a product or service. Is there a way to stop it? If I click on unsubscribe, it seems I get more of these solicitations. I certainly would like to know who is responsible for giving out my email address.
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    Windows 10 Interesting Newscast Concerning A Breach Of Your Security

    Hello, A Philadelphia tv news station channel 6 had an interesting story to report about this subject. In summary, A website can alert you if your data has been breached. so that internet users can change their passwords. Check it out and let me know what you think. Go to...
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    Maintenance Programs Taking Too Long To Run

    Hello All, I was advised earlier that I may have to format my hard drive and I may just do that. In January, I made the mistake of letting a scammer control my computer and I think he may have installed something to mess up my maintenance programs. The longest running program is...
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    Windows 10 Printer Paper Waste

    Ever wonder why your printer will print out two or more pages, when all that was needed was one page. I thought I tried everything to solve this. I had a single document that always did this but not the rest of my documents. So after some time past, I suddenly realized that sometimes system...
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    Scammer Thought I Was Easy Prey

    Attention all members. Today, I tapped on a few links while searching for recipes. On about the 4th link, a " Warning Message " appeared to come from an authorized microsoft repair company. The warning stated that my computer will be locked if I shut it down and that I should...
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    Windows Error Codes And What They Mean

    Hello All, Ever wonder what they mean. There are up to 15,841 error codes. This website has them all. Explanations for All 2500 System Error Codes in Windows
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    Windows Scroll Bar

    Hello all, For some time now, my scroll bar had changed and became too thin. So all I could get from the web to solve this problem was to check all the drivers in windows 10. I pulled up device manager and I was about 10 to 15% from the top of the list when I came to: "Human...