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    Live chat pop ups

    I am looking for a new car, I have acquired 50+ websites to look at for a new car, the thing that annoys me the most are these little "live chat" pop ups that come along with them, is there any way for me to stop them? Thanks in advance.
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    Can you disable live usb ports when the pc is off?

    Hi So I've purchased another mouse and for some reason the manufacturer felt the need to put lights in it which is inconvenient to me at least. Can I disable the live usb ports on the pc so it and the keyboard lights won't be on when the pc is turned off?
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    Mouse buttons and the Firefox browser

    I bought a new mouse and the only problem I have is they designed it with buttons near the top of the mouse and I keep on forgetting they are there, unfortunately this means when I go to pick up my mouse which I often do as I use it on different places, I then find I am clicking the button...
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    MIT's 1972 prediction of the collapse of society is on track to happen by 2040 Well that's cheered me up no end lol
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    Weak Mobile phone signals blowing the battery Android

    So basically the numpties running the O2 network in my town sent out a message about 3 years ago saying they were going to improve the signal and as a result of this work the signal might be affected. I went from 4 bars to 0 and it never went back up. I renewed my contract with them back in...
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    Anyone do any 2d to 3d video conversions?

    Hi Just wondered if anyone did any red and blue anaglyph video conversions?
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    Please accept cookies - as if you have any choice ...

    So a few years ago, some losers who have very little experience with the Internet and sadly had political power decided to enforce the concept of the pop up alert on every website serving the E.U. asking the visitor for permission to accept cookies. I was just wondering if I start up a campaign...
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    Strange cmputer issues BIOS stops midway

    Hi, I have had happen a few times a strange situation where the BIOS screen (I honestly cant remember if its the BIOS or th enew system I have lol) will only show most of the screen and does not load a piece of text at the bottom which says somthing like "hit 4 to unlock asus 4 cores" or...
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    John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in prison cell

    BBC News - John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in prison cell
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    Criminals duped into using app monitored by police
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    Any still picture to moving picture software

    Hi, I am looking for some software that can make a picture of a face move so that it looks like the person is for example smiling or whatever. Is there anything that can do this?
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    Why doesn't my cpu work at 100% for a lengthy big job?

    I don't understand why it hovers 75% average. This is doing video processing. Can I make it 100%? Thanks in advance.
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    Ram issues

    Hi, So I ordered new ram (second hand ram) one of the sticks failed on using memtest86 and the other worked, I asked the seller for patial refund he said not to use memtest as it damages ram and said to use the windows one. Anyway, upon trying to reboot and putting the bad ram in to check with...
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    Can you run windows fix mbr within windows?

    Hi, Has some strange issue today, windows 10 laughingly did an update and I still don't know how to stop it from doing whatever it bleeping feels like on that front, but during reboot the computer turned itself off, bios then claims there was a power surge (very possible been extremely windy in...
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    Linux Ubuntu cuts out not long after startup -SOLVED

    Hi, There was a little updating done a few days ago, a couple of hundred megs, however since then the computer has cut out three times. Does these mean anything? I don't use bluez so will disable that but not sure what these logs are saying? Windows 10 crashed the other day so might not be just...
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    Specifically tailored news feeds?

    Hi, Are there any news channels you know of or apps that can be set to alert you for a specific* topic appearing in the article with certain key words or phrases? So for example I am really into volcanos, I would like to get an alert whenever there is a new article containing the words...
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    Graphics card issues - cannot duplicate to TV via HDMI

    Hi, So I installed a new graphics card and despite it working fine in Linux Ubuntu and the card showing output to the monitor via DVI cable and the TV via a HDMI cable, during boot up of windows 10 the TV turns blank stating no video available and I cannot see where I am going wrong here. The...
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    Hiss from usb ports

    I get a high pitched hiss from the computer upon entry of certain usb slots with usb memory chips. I have never seen this phenomena in previous computers, is there any kind of manipulation available of the power/current of these usb or pci devices which might possibly affect their pitch?
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    Is this graphics card likely to be quiet?

    Hi, I was going to buy another graphics card because my existing one makes this weird hissing noise despite the fact it is fanless and it is irritating me. Anyway, whilst looking around it seems the best silent one I can find on ebay is a radeon HD 6450 1gb which is fanless, however I am...