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    INtel- net-

    Windows says there is a driver update that is optional. My intel driver assistant says that all my drivers are up to date. Who do I believe? I think i should leave well enough alone, as all is working well, don't you? Thanks PB
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    Outlook and ICloud

    Hello Since I installed icloud on win7 computer it has messed all my settings in my outlook 2007. Now when I go to email something- it tells me that the contact is not there, however it is there but in another folder the icloud made. Even my calender changed- it added a icloud calender that...
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    win732 >win7 64?

    I got both disc - I upgraded witht he 32 bit thinking that becase it was orig. 32 I had to stay with 32. I put 4 gig a ram in and of course it only sees 3. Is it worth to upgrade the 32 bit > 64 bit? Will than see the 4 gig of ram? Thanks PB:)