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    Computer refuse to do recovery

    This is the FIRST action you should take if your hardrive runs out of free space...
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    Network sharing issue

    To be able to share files between PC´s in your home-network, please read and follow the directions in the article: LEARN HOW EASY IS IS TO SAFELY SHARE FILES WITHIN YOUR OWN HOME NETWORK! at: TIPSnTrix
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    Windows changed all directories to Read Only

    WindowsApps is a hidden folder in Windows that contains all the apps and files downloaded from the Store. When moving programs to another partition in your system, another WindowsApps folder gets created in that specific drive. You are not allowed to access this folder is because it belongs to...
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    Windows 10 Recover Product Key

    This is the solution... If you may used the SAME MICROSOFT ACCOUNT to sign into your NEW PC (Not yet activated) with the same MS-account that pc will be activated with that accounts "digital license"... (it will transfer to your NEW pc) so you do not need the license code your self..
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    Is there a limit to upgrading RAM?

    First of all! More RAM does NOT make your PC FASTER! It man handle stuff better, thus giving an illution of working faster.. Faster RAM-modules may do better.. Then there is a balance between how much MEMORY your pc actually need for the stuff you use it for.. Adding more than that will in the...
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    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    NO! You are wrong! First of all it was not just ONE testresault that was lousy for webroot, Selabs was ONE, Av-tests was many different tests during many years.. All with poor peotection.. And they do not care HOW the hadling of malware is done.. They all measure the RESULTS.. Webroots results...
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    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    That must be stuff you repeat from their marketing... The tests above shows they are not at all as good as other AV´s, and even AV-tests own tests shows that webroot NEVER have had any protection worth mentioning Test antivirus software Webroot Conclution: Everyone should avoid webroot as an...
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    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    I´m afraid that webroot is no loger any good: In this test by SELABS webroot only shows 95% in total accuracy rating (The only that is even worse is Malwarebytes premium at 91%) At page 6 you will learn that some AV´s simply does...
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    Windows 10 keeps renaming my home WiFi network and creating new registry keys

    I´m not sure if this will help... But have you set the properties for that Wifi to: Automatically connect...., and set the network as PRIVATE, and to deactivate "random hardware addresses" (whom I beleive might be the culprit)?
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    Microsoft account problem on start up

    Have you tried to change your accounts-password at: (click at your username, select change password) Then you SIGN OUT and log back in using that new password... And regarding passwords.. check out this "Tips and Trix-page" that gives you a method of creating...
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    Non-Microsoft programs startup "alert"

    I think these may be UNSIGNED executables... My suggestion is that you try to use the COMPATIBILITY-mode on these programs.. Check out the headline: How to Run an App in Compatibility Mode at: How to Set Compatibility Mode for Apps in Windows 10
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    Windows 10 Recover Product Key

    I think that IF you signed in to your old computer using your Microsoft-account the license is stored digitally! So if you installed any other PC after that and it sshowed to be activated, you may already hav transfered that license to another PC.. If not.. All you need to do is to create a...
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    Not downloading updates

    Please run the "System File Checker" to check for errors in your PC. This feature is built into Windows.. Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files "Open an elevated command prompt. To do this, do the following as your appropriate: If you are running Windows...
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    Firts things to do after fresh install of Windows 10!

    Ditto! IF this thread is focused on WHAT you do after installing Windows, Then Why do you focus on details in your own scripts, but neglect to inform HOW you select proper hardware drivers in section 2. I wonder how long windowsfoum will allow you advertice your scripts in the debloat section...
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    Firts things to do after fresh install of Windows 10!

    Most of the "debloat Windows" is more placebo than of any real use! And YES! Many who has "disabled telemetry" in Windows has experienced issues with windows update! That is a fact.. So this part of the "debloating" is actually hurting your Windows, and its security.. (NOTE! Defender uses...
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    Firts things to do after fresh install of Windows 10!

    NOTE! Some of these suggestions WILL kill your Windows update, while others will ruin your "Windows 10 experience" while most "benefits" are more PLACEBO than anything else... My suggestion is to be careful with this kind of "optimizers"... You really do not need them at all.... Just like...
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    What Does this green checkmark on my desktop applications mean?

    NOTE! These are most often only the SHORTCUTS to *whatever these are pointing to* so ONLY these shortcuts will be backuped.. Not the software itself..
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    As I understand it from the net, people complain about how useful their chromebook actually is. Dodgy apps not working as "real" software does.. Then people often has issues with the chromebook itself, often running slow, devices keep restarting, error messages (like "Os is missing" etc.), to...
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    UnShared Folders

    Nothing went wrong! That is expected...
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    UnShared Folders

    If you sign in as Administrator, open file explorer go to: c:\Users Right click on the Administrators profilefolder, select: Properties And Security... via Edit, you simply REMOVE the user... (If asked: Opt to remove from all subfolders..)