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  1. gavin19

    Pressing the Hash/Pound/Number key causes shutdown

    For some odd reason W7 has recently taken to shutting down when I press the # key. It does this even in combination with other keys, like Shift, Alt etc. I don't have much use for the key but sometimes I do use it and almost always forget that it triggers an immediate shutdown. I tried using an...
  2. gavin19

    Browser speed comparison - help!

    I don't think I've ever deliberately used IE unless I had to so I'm not including it here. I have used Opera, Firefox and Chrome/Chromium on a pretty much equal basis over the past year or so, with Chrome probably taking the lead. What I've found is that published browser speed comparisons...
  3. gavin19

    Windows 7 Bejeweled Twist

    This works on W7 7600 x64 just fine, except that when I try to minimize the window, ie exit fullscreen mode, the screen turns black and Windows is unresponsive. Task manager, Esc or any other keyboard shortcuts have no effect. If I can't play in a window then it's pretty useless to me. I even...
  4. gavin19

    Shredder (context menu)

    Are there any apps that can provide a 'Shred' option to the right-click context menu? I'm currently using 7600 RTM build of Windows. I was using Tune-Up Utilities for this and it was very useful as I could switch deletion methods on the fly depending on how sensitive the file that I wanted to...