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  1. Romchik9007

    ASUS 144Hz Monitor issue

    Hello all, hope all is well. I've bought a brand new monitor: ASUS VG248QE But here's the problem, when the monitor arrived, it came with a CD of what I assume would be drivers for the monitor. However, my PC doesn't have a generic CD/DVD reader. I've installed and connected the monitor to the...
  2. Romchik9007

    Microphone won't function properly

    Hello all. I'v recently built a custom PC. Everything works as supposed to. But the issue is, whenever I connect a headset, it doesn't let me utilise the headset's microphone. I've made sure to download all the drivers. I plug in the headset into the "Headphone" port at the front, but the mic...
  3. Romchik9007

    Cannot install Windows 10 on a SSD Drive

    So I've just assembled a brand new PC. Everything seemed to be working perfectly, until it came to the point when I had to install Windows 10 using a flash USB. I've used the official Windows Installer Tool to do that. So the problem is, Windows doesn't want to allocate any space onto the...