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  1. cursedboy

    How to Completely Uninstall Windows Defender in Windows 10 Insider Preview (Anniversary Builds)

    I really want to get rid of the Windows defender from Windows 10 Insider preview build 14342. Is there any way to temporarily disable or permanently remove it from Windows 10?
  2. cursedboy

    How to Download and Install WhatsApp Official App for Windows 10 Desktop

    Good news coming for all the WhatsApp users, as the company released the official WhatsApp app for Windows 10 desktop or laptop. The WhatsApp app for Windows 10 is very similar to WhatsApp for Web, but the advantage is that you can run WhatsApp right from the computer or laptop. 1. To grab the...
  3. cursedboy

    Reinstall Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 10

    I was trying to reinstall the edge browser in Windows 10 using Powershell Command and getting this Anyone got the solution?
  4. cursedboy

    My Internet icon show yellow caution icon

    I have Dell Vostro running Windows 10 Insider build. Now the problem is that my internet automatically start showing yellow no connectivity icon. I disconnect it and again connect and it start working. It happen automatically in very short interval of time.
  5. cursedboy

    Windows 7 Lookin for some themes for Window 7

    I'm looking for some best and new themes for Windows 7, so please share with me if you have anything
  6. cursedboy

    I want to delete Windows Setup file

    Yesterday I felt that my windows xp is corrupted due to which my browsers was not able to open any website. So i decided to format my c drive. When I started format procedure and file started formatting my c drive I noticed that instead of formatting c drive d drive is started formatting to...
  7. cursedboy

    List of some best antivirus for Windows 8( free on if possible )

    Anyone help me in getting name of some best antivirus for which I can download for free. If any please share
  8. cursedboy

    Best screen Recorder software for Window xp

    Hey I want to create my own tutorial for youtube. So anyone out their please tell me the best screen recorder software which I can use to get max from it
  9. cursedboy

    Disk Read Error Occurred (Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart) in Window Xp

    From last 2 days I'm getting this error message whenever I start my system. And when I try to restart my sytem using above mentioned command, it gives same result back to back. But when I connect my cpu with some other system its worked fine and I didn't get any errors. So please tell me any...
  10. cursedboy

    Windows 8 Themes

    Hey Folks looking for some of the best Windows 8 Themes. If you have any please share with me .. I need those it badly
  11. cursedboy

    {Please help me I'm looking for a mega list of some amazing software for windows 7

    Finally I got my Dell Laptop with my Window 7 loaded in it. And I'm desperate to know the list of some of the best software for windows 7. So please suggest softwares which you personally use on your windows 7 and help you in any condition. Software can be : I need best of the best whether...
  12. cursedboy

    Use Windows8forums with Username and password of Windows7forums ?

    I'm news user to Windows7forums and also want to be part of Windows 8 forums.So can you please tell me is that possible to use same id password to use Windows 8 forums ?