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  1. bochane

    KB4598291 won't install

    Preview Quality Update KB4598291 ends with Error 0x800f081f, you may try it later.. I am using an Acer Aspire E5-575G-55N, Windows Home 64, version 10.0.19042 Any thoughts?
  2. bochane

    New Edge

    I just installed the new Edge, not only on my Windows system but also on my Android tablet. At first sight: It feels solid, it is fast, it synchronizes nicely between platforms, quite pleasant. I understood that it was based on the Chrome code or am I wrong? Any other experiences and thoughts?
  3. bochane

    'Cleaner' restart

    After shutdown and restart Windows will also restart application from the previous session. Is there a way to start Windows without these previous applications? I could not find it.
  4. bochane

    AU boot parameters/behavior and EASYBCD

    A multi-boot consisting of an SSD with a new and clean installed W10-AU and an HD with W7. The W10 SSD is booted from the BIOS, the W7 HD is added with EASYBCD Once I installed the multi-boot, I see weird behavior: I get a blank screen with a busy marker for about 2 minutes, before the boot...
  5. bochane


    Police in The Netherlands in cooperation with Europol, Kaspersky and Intel Security, announced a new website with offers help to victims of ransomware and with advice to protect your system against it. Here it is: The No More Ransom Project I hope it helps Henk
  6. bochane

    MS Live Mail discontinued, what does it really means?

    MS sent us the following email Actie vereist voor gebruikers van Windows Live Mail 2012 (Action required for users of Windows Live Mail 2012) As I understood it, Windows Live Mail in combination with a MS mail account (Hotmail / Livemail / Outlook) synchronizes your email account, calendar and...
  7. bochane

    Task bar not hiding

    It happened to me, on a small screen, the task bar suddenly refused to hide. But apps like Edge assume the task bar is hiding, so on full-screen use of apps, the taskbar hides some of the window you are working in. I found a solution. There was an unread message in one of the hidden icons...
  8. bochane

    Upgrade to build 10586 again, but how

    When the upgrade to build 10586 showed up on my little test laptop, I installed it. But I ran into all kind of problems and in the end I clicked on 'Go back to previous version' and that is where I now am, somewhere on W10, before build 10586. I have more time now and I want to try it gain. But...
  9. bochane

    New App

    I found a fairly new App installed SWAY - at first sight it looks a bit like a new, modernized and enhanced form of PowerPoint And Skipe-video was reported as new on my computer. Are they really new? Don't we chose ourselves which Apps we need? Sway seems to be in-line with recent...
  10. bochane

    80004005-2004 error and drop back

    I am helping a friend. Right now I am not at his place and have not all information in front of me, sorry for that. At some later time I will continue there, but now I am collecting all help and information I can get. It goes about this: The download of W10 completes, Preparing for Install...
  11. bochane

    Outlook 2007 is asking for password, while outlook 2010 does not

    We have 10 W7 PC's connecting to an outside Exchange server, 6 of them are using Outlook 2010 and are functioning like you expect, 4 of them are using Outlook 2007 and keep asking for a server password. That password is stored in the references, but for some reason it is not used or not working...
  12. bochane

    How to upgrade a dual boot 7 / 8.1

    My configuration: Dual boot: W8.1 on a SSD, W7 on a HD, all user files from both W7 and W8.1 are on the W7 HD. The only reason for keeping W7 in the air was a NLE (video editing) which did not function well in a W8 environment. What should be the best / least risky way of upgrading my W8.1 Henk
  13. bochane

    Media center

    Is there already new information/rumours about Mediacenter? Will it be an app from the store? Or has it just been discontinued?
  14. bochane

    Insider Preview Edge - Flightradar24 - 3D view

    Has anyone tried in Edge (or perhaps IE) with the Google Earth plugin to follow a flight in 3D / cockpit view? Here IE crashes, Edge does not see the plugin….
  15. bochane

    Insider Preview Critical failure, startmenu and Cortane don't work

    Have you ever seen this? I do a clean install of 10162 from USB flash, on a Acer Aspire One (yes, a minimal system), remove all partitions and create a new one. Everything seems to go as expected, devices are installed, I select use Express settings, see the message “Even geduld” (One moment...
  16. bochane

    Insider Preview Restoring an system copy

    That is a good exercise, isn't it? I made a system copy on an external USB disk, then a repair disk on CD. Because there are more system copies on that USB disk I made a new directory and moved the system copy into that directory. Nothing new, all has been done before. Then I restored...
  17. bochane

    Insider Preview Vimeo

    I just received in my email (I am using the standard W10 app) the wellknown "Someone shared a video with you on Vimeo" message. Now I am wondering what I have to install and/or set to view it. Installing VLC and silverlight is not enough. Has any one fixed this already?
  18. bochane

    Insider Preview Intel 4 series express Chipset: no driver available

    Please forget this ================================================== There was no driver for my Intel series 4 express VGA after the installation of build 10125 (10130 did not install at all on my notebook). Hence a standard - not matching - screen resolution and no 2nd screen. Hardly or not...
  19. bochane

    Insider Preview 3D Builder app

    A new app? Maybe and for now a misterious one, click on it and it disappears from the startmenu - and that is the only thing I can do with it. And the directory windowsapp, I am unable to open it. Why? Henk
  20. bochane

    Insider Preview spartan

    First observation On one of the fora I regularly visit (it is: ) I can't stay logged in. After logging in and switching to a sub menu I am logged out again :oops: Neither IE, nor Chrome, nor Firefox does...