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  1. Elmer

    Windows 7 Computer Victoriana.

    When times were of a more genteel pace, Victoria was on the throne. The major source of power was steam and Jules Verne had just invented his time machine. Twas the time of inventors of the highest calibre like my good friend, YerEverLuvinUncleBert. For your gratification I present his latest...
  2. Elmer

    Old Jokes

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto are surrounded by 3000 Sioux warriors. Lone Ranger: " I think we're in trouble Tonto". Tonto: " What's with the 'we' pale face?"
  3. Elmer

    Is Skype Dead??

    Don't seem to be able to connect to anybody today. Has it died?
  4. Elmer

    Govt. Departments and Help Centres

    How come government departments, call centres and help lines are shut at the weekends? Where as you, Billy Scum-of-the-earth are expected to take any and all jobs regardless of the work hours / working weekends? I think they should lead by example!
  5. Elmer

    Harley Medical Group. Gotta Love em!!

    After the collapse of PIP, a breast implant manufacturer that used industrial standard silicon for the implants, not clinical standard, now the Harley Medical Group cries wolf. Whilst I think that every woman who had breast implants for medical reasons should be immediately dealt with on the...
  6. Elmer

    How to catch thieves who steal your technology

    Thought the word on this could do with spreading. I've not tried it myself as (a) I've not got a laptop. (b) No-one in their right mind would steal my old phone. Original Post: How to catch thieves who steal your tech « How-To Geek Forums
  7. Elmer

    FREE! ESET Smart Security for 6 months for UK

    If you live in the UK you can get your hands on a free 6 months licence for ESET's Smart Internet Security 5 if you're quick. Check it out at ESET UK
  8. Elmer

    Partition Re-size with Acronis. Major Catastrophe.

    I've had a major crisis this morning using Acronis to reclaim an empty 8gb partition. The hdd from left to right, in disk manager was: 8Gb Empty (formerly page file) || D:\Data 210Gb Data || R:\Recovery 80Gb Recovery Using Acronis I expanded the 210gb to include all the 8Gb so now it would...
  9. Elmer

    KB2670576 Update May Cause Renaming/Moving Issues

    An update released today (25-10-2011) may cause issues after being installed when you try to rename or move files/folders. There was another update in April 2010(?), KB980408, that caused the same issues for many people running Windows 7 64bit. So if you find yourself in this position, you...
  10. Elmer

    Desktop No Longer Shuts Down.

    This started, that I noticed, maybe four weeks ago. I select shutdown from the start menu. Desktop starts closing down. Get the waiting for programs screen. Monitor blacks out, All fans stop. Silence. Sounds good, unless I move the mouse, then everything starts up again. It hasn't actually...
  11. Elmer

    Toolbar Clean Up Tool by T-Tools

    When downloading many free programs, you'll be offered the opportunity to install additional "piggy back" programs that are usually toolbars that you'll decide: (a) You didn't want to install. (b) You no longer use them. Antiseptic, a portable program from T-Tools will remove (at the time of...
  12. Elmer

    Windows 7 Move Delete in the Context Menu.

    Going back to my days on XP, I lost count of the number of times I went to rename a file only for it to disappear because I'd clicked Delete in the Context Menu instead. This set me on a mission to find out how to change the order of the context menu entries, eventually stumbling across the...
  13. Elmer

    Safe Mode "Lost"

    I've discovered this a.m. that I can't access Safe Mode through the normal F8. I used to listen to the post beep and then press F8 once and I'd be straight in. Now pushing F8 once or repeatedly tapping F8 just carries on to the normal boot. What have I changed recently? Well, I removed Windows...
  14. Elmer

    Windows 7 Add Flip 3D to Context Menu

    To add Flip3D to the context menu when right clicking the desktop or the background of any opened Explorer window. Save the following code as a .reg file and merge into the registry:-Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\Flip 3D] @="Flip 3D"...
  15. Elmer

    Windows 7 Kill Explorer Context Menu Switch

    If you're into modifying system files etc. you'll soon get fed up of logging out/in or using Task Manager to stop and re-start Explorer.exe all the time. Even if Explorer has died and you can r-click the desktop this will save you logging out/in or launching Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete)...
  16. Elmer

    BSOD on Windows Developer

    Just thought I'd crash Win 8 to have a look at the drivers. Mostly Aug 2011 but the interesting thing is that secdrv.sys is still dated 2006
  17. Elmer

    Help Us To Help You By Filling In Your System Specs.

    Please fill in your Computer Specs under My Profile using Settings > Edit Profile > scroll down to Operating System:. Finally Save Changes. This would be a great help to other Forum Members who are trying to troubleshoot your problems. If you are unsure of your specs., you can download...
  18. Elmer

    Congrats Clifford Cooley!

    Congratulations Clifford Cooley on reaching your tenth post. First milestone achieved. May your prolific input long continue! Elmer. :D
  19. Elmer

    [HOW TO] Make Aero Peek Button a Show Desktop Button

    I only learnt about this a couple of weeks ago! If you want to make the Aero Peek button at the far right of your Taskbar into a plain and simple Show Desktop button: Simply right-click the Aero Peek button and un-check the "Peek at desktop" option. Et Voila!! That's it!
  20. Elmer

    Team BSOD : BSOD Stickies

    Could the BSOD Stickies be consolidated in to one post? It would be easier for the OP to get info on the things we would like to see.