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    Is this video worthy?

    I found this video amusing but then again... I found myself watching curling today also. What could be more stupid than guys throwing rocks and sweeping around them. I may be losing it. If so, somone come pull me back from the edge of insanity. Link Removed due to 404 Error Oh.. one more...
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    Be amazed

    Load Beyonce and pause it at the beginning ... with sound off (make sure the commercials are finished. Then load Skynyrd and pause it... then move it to the 2 minute mark and start it.... quickly go back to...
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    I love this tip

    If you have desktop shortcuts to web page and you have IE open, when you click on the shortcut it will OVERWRITE the web page you have open. To set IE to open a NEW instance of IE in a NEW window do this: Open Internet Options from Control Panel or from the Tools menu inside IE. Click on the...
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    I want one!

    G-Spot Mouse by Andy Kurovets Yanko Design
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    My Top 10 Windows 7 Tips

    My Top 10 Windows 7 Tips - by Terry Blount - Windows 7 Tweaks, Tricks, Tips, Secrets, Shortcuts, Solutions and Fixes 1. Clone your hard drive! Hard drive prices are down to 5 cents per GB, which is VERY cheap. Acronis True Image is the premium program for cloning. There are free versions for...
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    Speed and Reliability

    By Terry Blount This is a round up of processes, services and features that I have turned off. I have tested these for months under Windows 7. My system is faster and stable and has far less overhead than the day I installed Windows 7. My boot time as recorded by BootRacer is down to 17...
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    Why it may be a GOOD idea to partition a drive.

    If you have visited my web page or read my blogs and messages, you'll probably know that I stongly discourage using partitions on a hard drive... mainly because if the partition table gets corrupt you lose EVERYTHING. However, check out this: Why it may be a GOOD idea to partition a drive...
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    What's happening?

    Anyone know what happened to this board? I only seem to find one forum .. discussion, and what's new doesn't work. This forum gives the impression that everyone has everything operating perfectly. No new questions, problems or stuff to improve on. I knew the economy was slow and a lot of...
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    A New Hard Drive for Windows 7

    The experts agree with my strong recommendations to get a new hard drive with Windows 7,2515.html This is from my webpage YOU WILL NEVER REGRET BUYING A NEW HARD DRIVE BECAUSE: 1. All hard drives...
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    Hitachi 1TB Hard Drive $76
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    Overclocking the I7 vs turbo boost,2512.html#xtor=RSS-182
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    Flip a coin and decide

    FixShell.exe file released by Prevx yesterday shows nothing obviously malicious. It contains a valid XML manifest, and a code certificate backed by VeriSign. And in fact, on our test system with Sophos anti-malware installed, not only did the file not appear to run any process of its own on...
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    Mediacom email down for second day

    You got NO email.... Mediacom is a HUGE isp, 1.5 million subscribers... they were making email changes but the entire email system has been shutdown for the second day. NO news agencies are aware of this yet. I guess they need to call that kid from southpark to reboot their email...
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    You are being tracked

    Sprint Nextel provided law enforcement agencies with customer location data more than 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009
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    No fluff here... just good stuff

    This is an incredible animation video. Second funniest video Third funniest video - if you are a geek. Next time you think you are having a bad day, watch this. Kick some ass boys
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    Increasing the Range of your Wireless Network

    Here's a trick to increase the power of your wireless network, if you have a wired network (ethernet cables running throughout the home), you can set up a second wireless router or access point. To do this, you could buy 2 routers and turn one into an access point by disabling DHCP, connecting...
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    After several months working with Windows 7 for a lot more hours than I care to admit (else it's evident that I need to get a life) I though I had found all the handy features... at least the obvious ones. Then I was playing cards today and was going to minimize and accidentally clicked on...
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    Network Connection Fixes

    Here is a list of Network Connection Fixes I have read about. (Ignore the html coed) <P>1. Click "Start" and type "Fix Net" and press enter to let windows try to diagnose and repair problems. <P>2. Verify network drivers are up to date for your adapter... (upgrading may use old Vista...
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    Network Connection Fixes

    1. Click "Start" and type "Fix Net" and press enter to let windows try to diagnose and repair problems. 2. Verify network drivers are up to date for your adapter... (upgrading may use old Vista drivers that are not compatible with 7) Click Start and type "Device Manager" and look for any driver...
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    Questions about this forum

    Is there a location here where questions about this forum can be asked and answered? I'm trying to find out... 1. Can messages be ignored / not listed based on something like user name? 2. What are miscellaneous credits? Thanks