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  1. gianniscfa

    My PC Is Lagging

    Hey guys. Sorry if I am writing on wrong section. I have windows 8 64bit......!!!! My PC is laggy.. Don't know why.. I had formatted many times and I bought second Ram but the problem still remain.. I don't talking when I am playing games. I am talking when I browsing on the internet...
  2. gianniscfa

    How delete a partition?

    Hello, i have windows 8 64bit.. i have 1 partition D 186gb.. my HDD is 500gb.. i want to merge the D partition but i cant, i have try with all programms for partitions but this not fix my problem.. please help me, i dont have space..
  3. gianniscfa


    hello, i recive this message for weeks ago, and i want to find a solution cuz sometimes i dont have internet access. when i go to a page on google chrome say err_name_not_resolved or dns not found etc.. i have run sfc /scannow, i have run malwarebytes for virus but same think.. i have call my...
  4. gianniscfa

    problem with ram

    hello i have 4 gb ram on my pc.. but on my computer with windows 8 says 3.00 usable.. why? how to fix this? see the screenshot please Screenshot
  5. gianniscfa

    windows 7 problems..

    Hello.. i want to install windows 7 but i have problems when install them... i want some programs but i cant install them.. for example, on adobe flash player stacks on 5% and says internet connection error.. and on some other programs like vlc says nsis error.. i have try to run sfc /scannow...
  6. gianniscfa

    delete windows update

    Hello i have windows 8 64bit pro, i want to delete all windows updates and reinstalled them.. how i can do this?
  7. gianniscfa

    GPU drivers problem..

    Hello i installed this program which is emulated android.. but says i must update gpu drivers.. i have update my drivers but same think.. my gpu is onboard.. i have 760ga-p43(fx) my system is up to date perfectly.. please tell me why i recieve this message and what i must to do? i try to install...
  8. gianniscfa

    Realtek pci-e fast ethernet boot agent

    hello , a friend have a problem and i want to solve it. when he open the computer says Realtek pci-e fast ethernet boot agent press shift-f10 to configure....... and the windows dont starts. Restarts alone for a lot of times. why? what is this? i try to remove Cmos battery, 24pin for power,and...
  9. gianniscfa

    Create bootable usb

    Hello which program is best for create bootable usb for windows 8? not 8.1. windows 8 only.
  10. gianniscfa

    Windows forum app

    Hello i use windows forum app for android from google play. I cnt see my messages, why? I have perfect comnect to internet, i use 4g and wifi but same think.. Please help me Sent from my LG-D722 using WindowsForum mobile app
  11. gianniscfa

    i cant install any program

    Hi guys recently i install windows 7 pro 64bit, today actually, the problem is i cant install adobe flash player, stucks on 5% and says network connection error somethink like this. i cant install vlc media player, says NCSIS error. i cant unzip-unrar files says is corrupt. in some programs say...
  12. gianniscfa

    windows updates problem

    hello recently i do a format to my pc, i try to download and install updates but i cant.. i have windows 8, not 8.1.. i dont see any error but i choose all updates to download and the bar always run.. and its on 0% for ours.. how to fix this?i try to install .net framework and says you are not...
  13. gianniscfa

    bsod problem windows 8

    Hello i have a problem weeks ago.. my pc restart allone and says bad pool header with a blue screen.. my system is fx6300. 4 gb ram.sAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4870 2gb gddr5 and windows 8. why happening that? i have run on cmd sfc /scannow and i run programms for malwares, my drivers is up to date...