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    Canned Linux

    Exploring and playing with Linux is fun. But often we dread the effort to setup a Linux distro. To make that easy for you I have uploaded a fully configured and setup Mint Mate 17.1 system to my OneDrive that you can run in VMware Player. Just follow these steps: • Download the .zip folder...
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    Does that mean anything

    I have this little green marker on the left top of my avatar. Does that mean anything? Just curious.
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    Windows 7 Change Windows background colors

    The colors of most anything that Windows presents on your screen can be changed - and it is very easy. If you like to experiment with it, you find the instructions here. If you have blurred pictures on your web app, you can download the instructions from here.
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    Power Point Tutorial

    I thought I try something new and have made a narrated tutorial with embedded videos and links using Power Point. The tutorial shows you how to make tutorials or presentations in the same fashion as this example. Because of the nature of the tutorial, I cannot post it here. I have uploaded...
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    Linux on a Stick

    This tutorial explains how to setup and run Linux from a USB Flash Drive (Stick). The tutorial has 5 chapters: · Chapter 1 - Installation of Linux on the stick · Chapter 2 - Create a Data Partition · Chapter 3 - Setup of Mint Mate · Chapter 4 - Space Management · Chapter 5 - System...
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    Windows 8 in virtual

    I posted this in the Windows 7 tutorial section because it is running under Windows 7. But it might be of interest for the Windows 8 community.
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    Wikndows 8 in virtual - from an external disk

    Since I still do my work in Windows 7, I decided to run Windows 8 in virtual. Advantage is that I can switch seemlessly between the two Windows systems and easily share data. And I went one step further and moved the folder of the virtual system to an external disk (in my case a SSD). That way...
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    I was bored, so I made this - enjoy

    Since I did not have much to do, I thought it would be fun to explore other operating systems. After all, with the recent developments in Windows, you never know where this will end up. I looked at a variety of Linux distros. They have an adorable price of $0 and are easily installed in VMware...
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    Tutorials and Demos

    In the last couple of years I have produced about 70 tutorials and demos. The ones that are still appropriate I gathered (as hyperlinks) in a pdf. I skipped those that are outdated (e.g. a series of 10 videos for Windows 8 Consumer Preview) and those that had gathered dust and were not...
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    I made 9 videos to introduce Windows 8 facilities

    You can watch the videos via the controls on a PDF stored on my Skydrive page. Those videos are for Windows 8 beginners. People who have used Windows 8 extensively, probably know what I am presenting.!1783&parid=root
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    Run Windows 8 from a USB stick or USB attached disk

    I have uploaded a tutorial to Skydrive on how you can install and run Windows 8 using a stick or a USB attached disk. This is a good alternative to double booting or a setup in a virtual partition. The document is a PDF that you can read in your browser (just click on it) if you have a PDF...
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    Installation of W7 upgrade edition on a seperate disk

    I have 2 internal disks. On disk 1 (HDD) I have Vista. On disk 2 (SSD) I want to install Windows7. For the W7 installation I would disconnect disk 1 because I do not want a double boot but I use the BIOS boot sequence to switch between the 2 disks. I am wondering whether that is possible with...