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  1. bobalazs

    Windows 8.1 fully updated start menu bug number one million

    So here we go, check out the video. If you can't watch it, i can tell you. there are two start buttons on one screen. one on bottom left and one on top right. One can't have enough start menus! start menu bug
  2. bobalazs

    BSOD on mp4 playback

    Hello guys! Now i consider myself pretty expert, but this just started getting over my head. I've used this setup for about half year stable. Before that i had a different video card with which the system was stable as well. I've been getting BSOD-s recently, and very often. I suspect it is...
  3. bobalazs

    Moved taskbar to top, now as programs start, can not reach their top

    As i said, when programs start, i can't reach their top window frame, so the windows are unmovable. thats the problem. They can't be minimized, or their file menu accessed because they get hidden behind the taskbar. I could of course choose to hide the taskbar when not used, but that's not the...
  4. bobalazs

    Canon i250 unwanted lines in print result

    i wanted to print this black and white image but this is my result. I changed cartridge a week ago, and not used it much. Tried printing from photoshop and firefox with the same results. The printer settings are at default. I don't keep a color cartridge in the printer right now, only a black...
  5. bobalazs

    Windows xp mode in w7 help use usb device

    Hi. I have this problem, that windows 7 does not support my Aiptek Slim 3000 photo/cam device. I was able to use it back in windows xp. So i downloaded and installed windows xp mode, all is well. However, windows 7 can not use the device, is it possible to use it in windows xp mode? Any help...
  6. bobalazs

    Aiptek PocketCam Slim 3000

    Support was discontinued after windows xp. However, windows vista had found updated drivers during auto-update. With windows 7 there are no drivers found. Any help would be appreciated. If some guru would like to help by hacking the windows xp .ini files, I could send the installation file to you.