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  1. ickymay

    Virus issue- affecting recovery partition?

    what is the error message ? plug the hard drive up to another pc with a usb interface or direct sata if possible then scan from your system with some useful tools like MSE then Malwarebytes and then TDSSKiller from Kaspersky and possibly Gmer to check for rootkits. let us know how that goes.
  2. ickymay

    How to remove safely remove device?

    sorry my bad but the key to this is your AHCI driver or you can do a registry hack to remove the notifier.
  3. ickymay

    How to remove safely remove device?

    identify your drive and see if you can try a different AHCI driver , if its an Intel you can try the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology driver ?
  4. ickymay

    Windows 7 does not show full hard drive size

    please can you right click computer and select manage then select disk management and post a screenshot showing all the details of your drives. with the second DVD drive do you know if you have a virtual drive program installed such as "virtual clone drive" when you right click properties of...
  5. ickymay

    Unexpected BSOD while playing game

    copy them out of C:\Windows\Minidump before you try to zip them :thumbs_up:
  6. ickymay

    BSOD Message "Memory Management"

    This problem highlighted by using sleep is an underlying memory fault, so you could avoid the problem by not using sleep, but the problem is still there and could cause issue in other operations where the Ram was sufficiently stressed. I had the same issue last month with a system and it came...
  7. ickymay

    How to upgrade HDD and keep my license?

    As saltgrass says an image is another way and I concur might be simpler , and I have changed hard drives many times for my customers using fresh install or Image and not had a problem yet :cool: Be aware you can use a regular Windows 7 retail DVD and a genuine Windows 7 OEM product key to...
  8. ickymay

    BSOD tried everything...PLEASE HELP

    I am guessing you have added your own ram at some point as you have a strange number achieving 5gb using : #dimm1 : 1024 MBytes #dimm2 : 1024 MBytes #dimm3 : 2048 MBytes #dimm4 : 1024 MBytes The serial numbers are close, on dimms 1, 2 and 4 but I'm guessing you added the 2gb stick in dimm...
  9. ickymay

    How to upgrade HDD and keep my license?

    I believe the changes have to be substantial such as motherboard or CPU, I would personally just do it and if it does need re registering I doubt it will take more than a phone call to Microsoft.
  10. ickymay

    BSOD tried everything...PLEASE HELP

    what is the system build and model number from which manufacturer please ? what is your system spec, such as CPU , PSU , Ram etc ?
  11. ickymay

    Coprocessor driver not found

    my pleasure and Its good to know Ive helped :cool:
  12. ickymay

    Major issues with all Internet browsers!

    there are some known problems with version 11 and audio so make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound card ? have you tried a full unninstall then reinstall of flash ?
  13. ickymay

    Major issues with all Internet browsers!

    what version Flash Player is it ?
  14. ickymay

    Copying a folder occasionally to a backup hard disk

    personally i use fbackup , its free and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I set it up last year and it silently syncs my NAS with my main pc media and my critical files and books in excel to a pen stick plugged in to USB on a different schedule. Set it up and forget it :cool:
  15. ickymay

    BSOD, Please help!

    start with your BIOS ?
  16. ickymay

    BSOD, Please help!

    looking at your files this would be a Dell Inspiron 1545 which has a dual core processor and uses DDR2 ram running windows 7 OS 64bit ? your .dmp file shows a 7e in bluescreen view and in windows debugger the same stating : Probably caused by : discache.sys ? this could be drivers or BIOS or...
  17. ickymay

    New machine with continual f4 and 7a BSODs, ususally while gaming

    excellent glad you got it sorted and thnx for reporting back :cool:
  18. ickymay

    New machine with continual f4 and 7a BSODs, ususally while gaming

    windows debugger shows the first crash as 0x3b SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION caused by fltmgr.sys which is forced on a x64 Windows platforms when an exception happens during a system service this is pos Vcore or voltage instability, then you have eight 0x7a KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR's where the...
  19. ickymay

    Looking to replace invalid Windows 7 Ultimate with valid Windows 7 Home with minimal hassle

    It also depends what the 12gb program is ? I have my games installed into their own partition so will remain regardless of what i do with my operating system ? If you need more help post back :)
  20. ickymay

    strange RAM usage

    I am not sure you are understanding the advantages of ram caching here ? Windows 7 memory management is an improvement over earlier versions of Windows where any unused memory was quite simply wasted memory ! What Windows is doing is making use of the free Ram space to store data and making...