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  1. Rainer Bielefeld

    No Connection to LAN?!

    A Friend works in a club office. His WIN7-PC was connected to local network and Internet with an USB-WLAN-Stick to a Fritz!Box. Always worked fine, until some day WLAN connection got lost. I tried to help and checked: Something wrong with the USB-WLAN-Stick? No control light on the stick...
  2. Rainer Bielefeld

    <Alt Gr> Key activates Energy Saving Mode

    Since Today in the morning <Alt Gr> does no longer work as it should. Instead of activating some special characters (like “{”, “}”,“²”,“³”) on my German layout Logitech USB keyboard, it activates the "Energy Save Mode" shutdown. Might have to do with the swallow of beer I poured out on the...
  3. Rainer Bielefeld

    How to define Standard Application for "tel:" hyperliks

    Hello, on Ziehl-Abegg Support page or also here a click on the telephone number in my (SeaMonkey 2.53) Browser will open my softphone application "phoner lite" as I want. But similar links In ODF documents opened in AOO will launch Skype in PDF documents opened in Adobe Reader think that link...
  4. Rainer Bielefeld

    How can I define which of the available JAVA Versions IE11 should use?

    Hello, for particular technical visualization needs (IniNet's SpiderControl) a commonly used software is "Browser + Java". Mozilla stopped support of NPAPI plugins. The JAVA Plugin is such a NPAPI plugin, and so some users (my customers) think about using the Internet Explorer for their needs...
  5. Rainer Bielefeld

    Access to 2 WebDisk folders simultaneously

    Hi, For my projects I crate a technical documentation DVD, what is a copy of the documentation on my HDD. The documentation is divided into 2 areas: C :\Paths\Documentation\CommonFilesPath\ (Datasheets and similar, common for all customers and projects) C :\Paths\Documentation\UserProjects\...
  6. Rainer Bielefeld

    UPLOAD problems for big files

    Since few months I have a strange problem with several kinds of upload of big files to Internet. 1) SMTP Problem When I send e-mails with big attchments (for example 19MB + 2MB + 4MB) my Seamonkey progress bar reaches 99% within less than 5 seconds, what is rather unexpected with an upload...