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    Office 2003 in Windows 10

    Is it possible? I have Outlook 2013 but Word 2013 is so packed with things I don't need, such as collaboration tools, layout, document design, that it's a nightmare to use. Honestly, for me, Microsoft Word reached it's zenith with 2003, Word XP, and has gone wonky since then. Suggestions?
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    Windows 10 is here...

    Being older than some rocks, I get up often at night. When I got up at 1:00, I turned on the computer. Nothing. I checked Windows Update and was shocked when it asked if I were ready. That would have been 1:15 and by 1:45 I had Windows 10. The downloading and installation was automatic. My only...
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    Download from MS Store?

    If you downloaded a retail version of Windows 7 from the Microsoft Store site I need to know if it worked like when I downloaded the Beta version of Windows 7. Specifically, you order and then get an email that directs you to a download page on the internet. The reason I ask is that I live in...
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    Windows 7 Retail Download

    Microsoft makes some programs available for sale as downloads. I live in Mexico and would like to download Windows 7 in English and pay over the internet. I couldn't find any information on Microsoft websites. Will this option be available?
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    Adobe Flash Nagging

    I am running Windows7 RC1 64bit. How do I stop Adobe Flash from asking me on every page I open if I want to download Adobe Flash Player? Someone should tell Adobe they don't have a Flash Player in 64bit.
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    Wireless Issue

    I have my desktop connected to a Linksys WRT54G router. I access it, occasionally, with my netbook and my neighbor uses it daily to access the internet with her desktop. Another neighbor connects occasionally with her Apple laptop. Lately, I have to unplug the router, to reset it, every...
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    Wonderful Experience

    I have to say that the Windows7 beta1 has been a wonderful experience. The installation was a snap. The 32bit version found all the drivers it needed. With a few very minor rough edges, like not remembering to show my thumbnails extra large, it works amazingly well. I feel more comfortable with...