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    [SOLVED] Application to list apps most often used?

    Hello, To make a bit less painful to migrate from my aging 32-bit Windows 7 workstation to the latest and greatest, I need to find what apps I most often use, before gathering and installing the latest version of each and importing data files and settings. The "Last Used On" column in W7's...
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    [SOLVED] Windows command to identify chipset of USB wifi dongle?

    Hello, Is there a simple way in Windows to find the chipset used on a USB wifi dongle - preferably something that can be run on any Windows since XP? I need someone remote to run a command and tell me what hardware he has on his computer; As he is barely computer-literate, I need the simplest...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 7 (Ultimate) on old netbook?

    Hello I bought a second-hand Asus EeePC 1001PXD which sports an Atom N455 processor and 2GB RAM. While Linux had multiple issues, XP worked right away. However, as XP is no longer supported, I was wondering how Windows 7 would run on that hardware, either Home or Ultimate. Thank you.
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    Couple of questions before cloning W8

    Hello I'd like to save an image of Windows 8 onto a second partition using Clonezilla, and have a couple of questions before proceeding: 1. Why does W8 create two partitions (350MB and 147.3GB) instead of just one? 2. When running fdisk in Linux, why does it display so many /dev/ramX...
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    [WinPE] Tool to build a live Windows7 USB keydrive?

    Hello I've never really used BartPE until now, and would like to know whether some tool is available to create a bootable live image of Windows7 with enough drivers to support basic VGA and most common Ethernet/wifi chips that I could use to build a bootable USB keydrive. I need this as an...
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    Why does Windows7 create two partitions?

    [SOLVED] Why does Windows7 create two partitions? Hello I installed Windows7 Ultimate from scratch, and it warns that it might create a 100MB partition before creating a second one where the real stuff lives. This makes imaging more complicated. # fdisk -lu Disk /dev/sda: 320.1 GB...
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    W7 no longer boots after restored from Clonezilla image

    [SOLVED] W7 no longer boots after restored from Clonezilla image Hello After restoring an image made with Clonezilla that used to work, Windows 7 is unable to start. When prompted, I used the DVD, but it still fails with "Startup Repair could not detect a problem". When rebooting, it says...