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  1. bobalazs

    Windows 8.1 fully updated start menu bug number one million

    So here we go, check out the video. If you can't watch it, i can tell you. there are two start buttons on one screen. one on bottom left and one on top right. One can't have enough start menus! start menu bug
  2. bobalazs

    BSOD on mp4 playback

    Thank you very much for your extended analysis. The problem was caused by graphics card hardware. I changed the 2d/3d clocks in amd catalyst (profile preset) (there's actually 3 clocks, one is for media playback acceleration, that is what i modified) and had no bsod since then.
  3. bobalazs

    BSOD on mp4 playback

    Hello guys! Now i consider myself pretty expert, but this just started getting over my head. I've used this setup for about half year stable. Before that i had a different video card with which the system was stable as well. I've been getting BSOD-s recently, and very often. I suspect it is...
  4. bobalazs

    Moved taskbar to top, now as programs start, can not reach their top

    As i said, when programs start, i can't reach their top window frame, so the windows are unmovable. thats the problem. They can't be minimized, or their file menu accessed because they get hidden behind the taskbar. I could of course choose to hide the taskbar when not used, but that's not the...
  5. bobalazs

    Download Browsers

    Just want to add Opera 11 is not beta anymore. Otherwise, very good list!
  6. bobalazs

    Temporary Freezing - Non-typical

    i just want to say ive had similar wonderings myself. my guess is, it is neither, and may be caused by badly written software.
  7. bobalazs

    Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    Re: Re: Which Anti-Virus do You Use? I started using Bullguard internet security, i stumbled on a 180 day trial, so far im content with it. Not many false positives, excellent customer support. I sent in thru their av, a false positive, got a reply within the hour, and got all fixed within...
  8. bobalazs


    It can be caused either by a bad driver, bad router, or faulty wifi adapter. What i would do, is to 1. Reset the router 2. make a new wireless connection in the router 3. remove/update the wifi driver
  9. bobalazs

    Cannot find drive?

    One question, how can you be browsing the E drive, you just said you can't find ANY drives. Did you try a clean install:? (no upgrade) you might want to do a disk partitioning and/or a fixmbr.
  10. bobalazs

    Windows Media Player and Windows 7

    Don't know why it's happening, however use Ccleaner regularly!
  11. bobalazs

    Audio is skipping and crackling (Windows 7 64 bit)

    Yeah. Update all drivers.
  12. bobalazs

    cd drive not working, and windows crashed... HELP....

    Looks like you screwed up your mbr after partitioning. You can try using recovery tools, or do a fresh clean install. You'll need a dvd drive. Usually you don't disassembe laptops, and having different installations under different hardware causes problems generally. If you're so eager get...
  13. bobalazs

    Can access but can't edit shared folders on other Win7 computer-help!

    Make a new user with admin rights, set a password for the account.
  14. bobalazs

    Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    Wow, not a lot of options... We're missing 80% of the rest of commercial anti-viruses. Also i would add a "none" option to the post as well. Since im using norton ghost 12 i'm not worried about viruses anymore.
  15. bobalazs

    ntoskrnl.exe bsod

    I would suppose faulty ram. I had ntoskrnl errors when i had bad ram. Happened again after i changed it to another faulty ram.
  16. bobalazs

    System Hangs

    Try removing the current wireless connection and make a new one, also reset your router.
  17. bobalazs

    DVD drive intermittently works

    One thing to add, power and or sata/ide cable broken. Might give it a shot, and is cheaper than replacing aforementioned hardware.
  18. bobalazs

    Help! My Windows Media Player cannot work!

    Check under add/remove programs (programs and features) for any installed codecs. Most likely the installed codecs are interfering with the native windows codecs. If you're still having problems, Shark007's FREE Codec solutions - Windows 7 codecs shark's codecs might solve it for you. If still...
  19. bobalazs

    Canon i250 unwanted lines in print result

    Thanks for the ignore. Obviously you people don't know nothing.