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    One website misbehaves on one Windows 10 system in all browsers

    It gets odder. In Windows, the problem goes away when such scripts run on the target server with just http rather than https. In browsers under Linux, however, there are no such problems. Ideas anyone?
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    One website misbehaves on one Windows 10 system in all browsers

    Here's an odd one. On a Windows 10 laptop (build 19042), a webpage at one particular web host suddenly misbehaves in an elementary way: a simple PHP login form which posts to itself fails entirely to post the user's data input---once Submit is clicked, the form repopulates with the browser's...
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    Suddenly copying to either win7 HD is ten times slower

    A win7 box has two drives, 500GB and 2TB. Each is about half full. Neither reports problems. Suddenly, as of a few days ago, copying files to either drive from another 'puter on the LAN is ten times slower than it had been, but copying files between the two drives on the box is instantaneous...
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    Disappearing mapped network drive madness

    We have a small netwrok with one workgroup. We recently added a new machine running wn7Pro 64-bit. We had to fiddle for days with it just to make winXPpro and win2kPro workstations and their drives visible to it. That should be out-of-the-box automatic functionality, but it isn't because Win7Pro...