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    Game centre

    I keep being asked if I want to run the game centre, which I don't, and didn't realise I had, and which I cannot see any way of stopping this. Where does this message come from ? What is the game centre ? Why does it keep popping up ? Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop it ? Sent from...
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    Windows 10 Game centre

    What is game centre in Win 10 ? Popup keeps coming up asking if I want to open it. How can I stop this happening ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Odd programs delay shutdown

    Since upgrading to Win 10 I have noticed that when shutting down my PC one or two programs seem to be delaying the shutdown. The program descriptions don't seem to be in English, possibly Chinese or Japanese, and after a few seconds shutdown proceeds. I have investigated, but can find no reason...
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    Does your Windows 10 shut down occasionally ?

    Normally I leave my PC on lock screen or put it to sleep using a key on my keyboard. On several occasions I have returned to my PC (after some hours) only to find that it has shut down for no apparent reason. On switching it back on the boot sequence runs OK with no error messages or reason for...
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    Windows 10 update and Defender

    I used to use Microsoft Essentials for anti-virus. Seems that with 10 this has now become defender. My question is :- Windows update is supposed to update Defender, but the last definition file is dated 8th August - the day after I upgraded to 10. Essentials used to update on a daily basis...
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    Programs (apps) colours

    I hate the light theme in 10. My apps look anaemic ! In previous versions of Windows various elements of app windows could be changed. e.g change the colour of the active window title bar. Is there any way to do this in 10 ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Windows 10, iTunes, iPad not recognised

    Now using Windows 10 with the updates and iTunes12. This will not recognise my iPad, so cannot synch nor backup. I have tried everything that I have so far found on the Apple store, which by the way doesn't even mention Windows 10, but still no good. Computer does recognise, and I have iPad...