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  1. Radenight

    @bassfisher Hey man! :) Good to see ya again! I've been here and there.. Just been busy...

    @bassfisher Hey man! :) Good to see ya again! I've been here and there.. Just been busy lately I guess.. but things have finally slowed down a bit so I now have more time for the things I enjoy! Such as these forums.. ;)
  2. Radenight

    Windows 8 Sucks, yes it does.

    Thanks for clearing that up Kemical! ;) Good to see you are still around! :) You can close this thread if you want to since it's turned into.... this.. ;) haha
  3. Radenight

    Windows 8 Sucks, yes it does.

    Hey all.. Now that I have your attention.. ;) I say again Windows 8 sucks.. That being said I will give it credit for being a great 'Alpha' build of a very interesting concept.. but in no way should be considered the next version of the Windows operating system.. ;) Let's just hope that...
  4. Radenight

    Windows 8 Booting and Starting Faster than Windows 7

    No one is saying that the only thing that matters is the boot time, we were simply commenting on the fact that Windows 8 has a much quicker boot time than Windows 7.. ;) Which is an important thing if you boot up more than once a day.. ;) I understand why you would say that you won't be using...
  5. Radenight

    Welcome to Windows 8 Forums

    Hey Kemical! Yeah it's been a while but great to be back! Looking forward to helping some people with Windows 8! ;)
  6. Radenight

    Great to be back Whoosh! :)

    Great to be back Whoosh! :)
  7. Radenight

    Windows 8 Windows 8 Is Really Confusing

    I don't really find Windows 8 any more confusing than Windows XP was to some when it first came out.. ;) Same with the way Windows Vista was compared to XP when it launched. It's just a radical shift in Windows in general, well in the UI of Windows anyway. I think most will get used to it pretty...
  8. Radenight

    How to Install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    As always Mike, a terrific tutorial for a Clean Install of Windows 8! :) Very well done!!
  9. Radenight

    Welcome to Windows 8 Forums

    Hey all! I see some familiar Screen names, ;) And lots of new one's as well, which is always a good thing! :) Glad to be here, I miss the glory days at! ;)
  10. Radenight

    Windows 8 Booting and Starting Faster than Windows 7

    I would have to agree completely, Windows 8 is much better in the boot-up time than Windows 7. ;) And Windows 7 is pretty quick so at least Windows 8 has that going for it.. ;)
  11. Radenight

    Things to install after installed Windows 7

    I have a list that I have followed for the past 15 years... It has never let me down and has always left me with a smooth running installation every time.. ;) It has also gone through a lot of changes over the years but the most recent version is something like this: AFTER Windows 7 has...
  12. Radenight

    Need Help installing Windows 7

    The DVD that came with your computer is most likely a recovery DVD, meaning you need to make sure that the partition containing the recovery data hasn't been deleted or hasn't become corrupted.. As long as it is not corrupt and is still there then the DVD should work (unless of course the DVD...
  13. Radenight

    installed w7, computer died!

    As long as your copy of Windows 7 Pro is legal then yes, it is permissable to do this.. The best way to do this would be via a clean install.. ;) This is when you format the HDD (or just the partition with the old Windows 7 installation on it) and install Windows 7 Pro on the newly formatted...
  14. Radenight

    Product Key Error

    As Cybercore stated, try the automated phone activation.. It is very easy to use and should resolve this issue for you.. ;)
  15. Radenight

    Media Player 12 Corrupted - HELP PLEASE !!!

    Hello there and welcome to the forum! :) Have you tried re-installing Windows Media Player 12? Sometimes an installation can become corrupted during the actual installation process... Also, a couple of good alternatives to WMP are VLC Media Player (available for free), and Winamp (also...
  16. Radenight

    Windows 7 frequently non-responsive

    If you are still able to, go back to the store you purchased the comp from and exchange it for another one.. ;) It's not worth messing around with if it's still within the return/exchange policy.. ;)
  17. Radenight

    wifi in Windows 7

    From the sounds of it, what you are seeing are indeed connections that your comp has found.. Not being able to connect to them could be from a variety of things such as bad signal, the connection could be encrypted, etc.. There is an option in Windows 7 that will allow you to filter out...
  18. Radenight

    created Windows 7 installation disc not working anymore

    If this is a copied disc then it is an illegally made copy of Windows 7 and support is not given for illegal copies of Windows 7.. ;)
  19. Radenight

    after installing win 7 only boots in vga or safe mode

    Glad to hear you got the problem solved! :) Have you ever used Driver Cleaner before this issue? I only ask because I've only heard bad about that app but apparently it can't be that bad if it worked in this instance.. ;)