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    Specific sounds not working on Server 2019

    I can get recycle bin and device connect, disconnect and fail working. I can also get the System start up sound working via vbscript and a login task. But no other sounds like error, exclamation, asterisk, notify etc. Is this normal for Server? My WIn 2012 R2 the sounds work ok. I compared the...
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    Windows Server 2019 Server Manager has bugus 169.254 address

    Server manager shows 2 addresses; 192.16.1.x and 169.254.x.x. The first is the valid address, the second I assume is because I always clean install all Windows with the network disconnected. The motherboard, and X299 XPower Gaming AC motherboard has 2 onboard NICS. But I have a 10G PCIe adapter...