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    Windows 7 7077 due today/tonight

    It's a lot of work upgrading to the new build. The RC is rumored to be two weeks away. I'll wait for that instead.
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    W7 to be the last ever Stand alone OS from Microsoft ?

    I don't think that going to happen in the next twenty years or so. Remember there are 1.1 billion computers that run Microsoft operating system and it would take an insurmountable effort to erase the client OS and convert everything to the cloud.
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    Windows 7 Screenshots Thread

    Microsoft didn't want to alienate it's users because the Windows XP interface from Vista was a major change and large companies would need to mount massive training for their people. Today, Microsoft is just leveraging on the Vista look and feel to have simple move towards Windows 7.
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    Windows 7 Classic vs. New Start Menu

    I liked the menu in Vista a lot and the Windows 7 has taken it a step further. Nonetheless, I can live with either Vista or Windows 7, they are almost identical in a lot of ways.
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    I LOVE win7 so far...

    Same here, I love the interface and it is fast. My only gripe is that some tools doesn't work like the Daemon tools, some enterprise apps.
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    Why Windows 7 Will Flop - It's The Economy

    I don't think so, as long as Windows 7 is as fast as Windows XP with the power of Windows Vista, Microsoft would have a powerful economic swing on Windows 7.