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    Windows 11: What the hell is Microsoft thinking? (RANT)

    I agree with Ralph Bromley (Fantastic Member) :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:
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    Saving several pages

    Q. I have windows 7 running mostly Firefox. Some of the add ons are helpful but it's difficult for a senior with RBS (rotting brain syndrome) to find the easiest way to save a tutorial which is several pages long. I can turn on IE and possibly use that. Maybe I can save it as an MHT but how...
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    Is this encryption note real or malware ?

    This appeared this morning. I don't remember encrypting any files or getting a key to do so. If they exist, how do I find them? Thanks :(
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    Trouble joining a forum

    Hi ........ I tried to join a DIY repair forum so I can fix up my house. I put in my email address and a password. After that I checked my mail and there was nothing new in it. I tried a different forum and the same thing happened. I'm using Firefox with some privacy addons. Are the addons...
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    Why do GIFs break down ?

    Maybe I should learn Linux
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    Why do GIFs break down ?

    I have a small collection of GIFs I try to run on an older board and wonder why they don't run smoothly after a couple of plays. You would think 4gb of ram would be adequate, but maybe the person that made the gif has 16gb of ram and assumes that everyone else does. Not the case. If new...
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    XP for an offline computer

    I have an old Acer computer that I would like to run for 5 different things in Windows XP. My biggest interest is shown in the image. It's a telescope mirror analysis program which is called FigureXP. I have an XP install disk on the way. Most of the time the computer will not be on and I can...