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    How can I delete a "local disk"?

    How can I delete a "local disk" on my hard disk drive that I never use or need? I plan on replacing my SATA drive with an SSD and want it a single disk prior to the transfer.
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    Windows virtual PC loading issue

    I am installing "Windows XP Mode - Windows Virtual PC" that gets stuck in "Starting the virtual machine..." as it keeps trying to do this work over and over to infinity; help! The computer is a 2012 i5 MacBook Pro with 16ram and I have Windows 7 loaded on Parallels 11. Any ideas??
  3. C far as an XP emulator goes?

    i was looking at Microsoft's Community about XP emulator installation on Windows 7 and I saw a plug for "Virtualbox" that looked interesting, but I've never heard of it. What's the best route? your humble opinions; thanks!!!!!!
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    Vista restoration problem

    OK, I have an issue that has the local geek squad saying, "um, I have no clue." I don't ask help much, guy issue I know. Anyway, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ240E that I set up as a dual boot Vista/XP so I can use an older version of Architectural Deskstop on the XP side. I have a mirror of the...