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    BSOD on Windows 8.1 64 bit (system_service_exception and kernel_security_check_failure)

    Hi, I have been having strange issues recently. Since september or so I have had 4 BSODs when using Windows Media Center Live TV, I thought it was related somehow to the tunner, but today I also got BSOD when not using live TV (although I was testing a different, external tunner when it crashed...
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    PC freezes with 4gb ram installed

    Hi all, I use 4 x 1gb memory sticks (A Data 800 mhz, 4 4 4 12). When all 4 sticks are installed, windows (64bit) randomly freezes and pc must be restarted. A few weeks ago I tested each memory alone on pc, 1 of them seemed to be faulty and I got it replaced. During the replacement process I...