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  1. Dialeans

    Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Hey, I am a newbie here. I love to play mobile games a lot rather than playing with the computer. But this time I would like to play windows games as well. Moreover, I've been playing online casinos for a few years and it's much more comfortable. A friend sent me a very secure site and since...
  2. Dialeans

    Problem with reset

    I think that you should go to a tablets service.
  3. Dialeans

    VIDEO This Object Escaped A Black Hole

    It is interesting!
  4. Dialeans

    Is there a really simple table-creation app, so I don't have to struggle with Word or Excel?

    I understand. I also thought that excel is not a very good software for working with tables until I started searching for some alternatives. Trust me, after you will try other software, you will understand how good is Excel. The main problem is that it is hard to work with it for beginners, but...