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    Windows 8 support time line

    It seems to me that offering support for 8.0 is pretty generous, considering I don't see any reason not to upgrade to 8.1
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    Extreme slow with copying files

    Try using the built-in system explorer to copy a select number of files (rather than all of them at once) and see if your speeds improve. Let us know if it doesn't help and we'll be happy to advise further. :)
  3. J

    Blurry/fuzzy text

    Would it be possible to provide a screenshot of a browser comparison?
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    Corrupt/lost data on NEW external HDD

    This is a really old thread that seems to have been bumped up by what I assume is spam (sorry if not, Lusy Armitage). However, I think it's worthwhile putting the following information in here in case someone finds this thread via Google: If you're trying to recover data then stop attempting to...
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    Some folder attributes of one folder reset when logging in - Why?

    I've not heard of this happening before. Are the folder attributes being changed on the other user accounts at any point? I suspect not from how you describe your issue. This guide here may help:
  6. J

    Purple collar at the starting screen

    Since you can only see this from a certain angle, I'm assuming this is a problem with your actual laptop screen rather than anything else. Please can you confirm you only see this purple when on the lock/start screen and nowhere else? If you could perhaps take a photo (using a camera, not print...
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    I can not install any burning software

    Is it literally just CD/DVD burning software you're unable to install? Are you downloading these programs online or installing from disc? What are names of the programs that are giving you errors during installation? Please see this page for info on error 1603...
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    How to prevent applications from opening web browser?

    I'm not aware of a solution that can be handled purely by Windows 7, although I could be wrong. It seems to me this sort of thing will need support from an external application.
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    How to prevent applications from opening web browser?

    avatar332's final post in this thread might be of some use to you. Hope that helps.
  10. J

    Windows 8 computer cant find disk

    Perhaps a simple query, but any scratches on the disc that might not have been there before?
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    Windows 8.1 MSN Home Page Changed or Changing

    It's about time! I've been wondering for ages when they'd update the MSN site. A much cleaner design and easier to read quickly. The ability to re-order/add/remove categories with ease is good too. ...not that it'll make me start using
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    how to use hands free for mic?

    What specific model do you have? Is your issue that your microphone isn't picking anything up?
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    Wacky mouse pointer when using Word 2010

    Could be a whole host of reasons. Do you use any add-ons for Word? If so, disable them to see if the problem goes away. Also try running a virus/etc scan to ensure your system is clean. Are you using the latest firmware for your mouse? Finally, have you tried adjusting your cursor display...
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    I suspect that Microsoft don't want to encourage using OneDrive as a public image hosting service, hence the 'share with' route they take.