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    Please Help Windows Server 2012 wont boot.

    Hello I was working on my server didnt even touch the drives and it wont boot i have windows server 2012. I ran chkdsk and it found 7 errors says it fixed them but still wont boot ? blue screen says system wont boot ? could a old cmos be the problem ? I have a ssd samsung 850pro for main drive...
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    Ethernet Question

    So I have 2 connections, Home 5 and a wifi extender in my office. The computer is not wifi and dosent hook up to the wifi extender box. It's still coming up as wifi extender on my ethernet not wifi. I would like it to be home 5 on the ethernet.
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    Ip address question

    I'm using windows server 2012 on a supermicro motherboard. I set my ip address as my home ip address same as my router and when I type in the IP address I get a supermicro login page. I use to be able to get into the router through the IP address. Should I change the ip address to something else...
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    Windows Server 2012 Boot Issue

    So when I try to boot windows server 2012 it dosent boot it says it has a corrupt boot file. I just put in my key code to activate it to from windows server 2012 evaluation. Is there any repair discs I can make besides the original disc?
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    Moving Windows Server 2012 to SSD

    Hello I was hoping to move my windows server 2012 to my ssd instead of regular hdd. Would I just create a system image? Thanks
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    Sharing Folder

    Hello I have a folder SMB called Windows server it's under share/WindowsServer but when I try to click on it it wont let me in folder. I set the permissions for everyone then full access. Is there any other settings to change ? Thanks
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    Hello Everyone

    I was using Freenas for a while but it got really confusing and I was on the freenas forum but alot of people on there are super rude. So i switched to windows server 2012 r2. It's going better so far. Thanks everyone for the help with my server questions
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    Mirroring Harddrives

    Hello I just recently mirrored 2 4tb hdds. If I where to add 2 more hdds to the mirror would that work ? Just trying to understand how to do that. Thanks
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    Windows Server 2012 R2 "Please Help"

    Hello i downloaded windows server 2012 R2 from microsoft and for some reason i can not get the iso to boot up I wrote the iso to dvd and it wont find it ? I tried usb to and same thing ? Could someone help. maybe its the program im using Im trying to boot windows server 2012 r2 onto my server...