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    Really Fubar Computer!

    Ah. Sorry, I didn't see that he didn't have an existing Windows install. The /??????? might just be some tiny partition that doesn't have enough space allocated (just that the HDD is 750 GB doesn't mean you have 750 GB of usable space). From the info you provide, it appears that the trouble...
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    mscorsvw.exe attempting network connection

    In context, mscorsvw.exe should not be accessing the internet at all (or attempting to). Run a malware scan, because it is possible that bad stuff is masquerading under that name.
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    Mama always said...

    Wait 'til ya meet Windows 8.
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    Auto corrected Shortcuts paths/Backward Compatibility with resource

    Well, I'm speaking from a programmer's point of view here... There is probably some way to check the path that a shortcut points to, and then check if the destination file/folder exists, and then notify the user of such discrepancies. Since there is probably a way to check the path of a...
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    Ownership & security permissions of whole sys drive messed up

    Quite frankly, there is no single file or group of files to change (other than all of them) to fix the issue, since the file permissions are not stored in one file (that would be horribly insecure). Have you tried an sfc scan yet? Open an administrator command prompt and give it a shot: /sfc...
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    Really Fubar Computer!

    So you're saying you've deleted the MBR...:thumbs_up: Great going. *smirk* (It's okay, I've done it before too when I tried to Hackintosh) Anyways, you'll want to use the Windows 7 disk to start up, and select the "Repair" option in the bottom left corner of the first window that pops up...
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    Black screen no cursor, hanging after log in, system restore does not work?

    Try using the recovery environment of Ultimate Boot CD, Hiren's Boot CD, or FalconFour Boot CD (google any of those), and boot into the MiniXP system. If it hangs on a desktop picture or command prompt, then you can keep waiting, or you can reboot into Startup Repair on Win7 disk if you're...
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    Remotely install Windows updates and install programs

    Well, for installed programs, you can update most popular programs using Ninite (google it). As for installing Windows Updates with WinRM, I don't think there's any way to do it that way specifically.
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    Soothing Windows 7

    I don't think there's any way to extend or shrink the aforementioned time. I get annoyed when I click "Close", then the application responds and then closes on me.
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    Is it possible to change a x64 program to a x64 program?

    Sorry, you're basically out of luck! The program's instruction set is written for 64-bit computers, and there's really no way to "bridge" the gap. Chances are though, your 32-bit computer can handle 64-bit Windows (as mine does) and you can enjoy the benefits (I would only suggest you undergo...
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    Clean install of Windows 8 on a multi-boot computer

    That sounds correct, at least for some Windows machines. Some Windows 8 computers are activated via a process called KMS, where the computer checks with Microsoft periodically to ensure that the license is valid.
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    Windows 7 ultimate upgrade to Windows 8 Pro 64BIT BUG- DONT WORK ! HELP!!

    Sorry, but the video doesn't give us any explicit diagnostic information. It only says "Windows could not be installed". I'm afraid most of us can't really help you without more information.
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    Clean install of Windows 8 on a multi-boot computer

    The answers to your questions are: 1) Depends. If you do "Upgrade" installation, you can only install to the partition with existing Windows. Otherwise, you're free to choose. 2) Yes. Windows can be installed to both primary and logical partitions. 3) Depends. If your computer is BIOS-based...
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    Windows 8 no Aero

    If you have the guts to do it, you can *cough* hack up the uxtheme and other dlls in Windows 8 just like you did in Windows 7 to get custom theming capability. I got my hands on the theme Microsoft put in the Windows 8 RP, and while there's no transparency, it's still better than what I would've...
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    PC upgrade GPU,PSU and SSD, need help to boot on ssd

    To get to the BIOS, restart your computer. When you see a screen that shows the logo of your computer's manufacturer (usually stays on screen for 1-3 seconds), read the bottom of the screen. It usually says something like "Press [somekey] to enter BIOS settings" or "Press [somekey] for advanced...
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    Deploy Windows 7 custom image

    Ah. Okay. Didn't know you wanted it over PXE. These are waters I haven't treaded on, but you can try looking here: Windows Deployment Services Deployment Guide (Look under the "In This Guide" section, the rest of the page is just scenarios)
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    Deploy Windows 7 custom image

    I have tried using the WAIK/MDT approach, without success though. :redface: The only time I've tried it was inside a VMWare setup and I was deploying a custom build of Windows Vista, but every time the Setup DVD booted up, the setup kept asking me for drivers. Eventually, I got irked with...
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    Can't find drives during installation-- bootmgr is missing

    Hello there, From what I see, I can only suggest you going into the Advanced tab of your BIOS and looking for something along the lines of "SATA Native Mode", and make sure that it is set to DISABLED. I know that at least for XP's Windows Setup, SATA threw off the installer on finding drives...
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    Deploy Windows 7 custom image

    Quite frankly, the VHD approach would be the same as the ISO approach, in my opinion. The WAIK/MDT approach takes the WIM file (which is basically an image of a C:\ drive) and applies it to a hard disk, then makes it bootable. To use this approach, you can use WAIK to capture an "image" of the...
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    How to upgrade my windows 7 32 bt ti 64 bit?

    Re: How to upgrade my windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit? Sorry to say, but installation DVDs only contain the files for the bitness advertised...there's no way to "switch" once you're on a bitness. So, in your case, the "Repair" and "Upgrade" installation paths are not viable. Therefore, the only way...