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    Welcome to the Norton Family

    If you use Avira, you're now part of Norton's LifeLock family.
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    Avoid Software From These Countries Like the Plague

    You should always be careful what you do on the Internet in general and installing software is no exception. Anything from Russia, China or North Korea is bad news in most cases. A great example...
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    Enable Tab Groups in Google Chrome

    Tab groups in Chrome allows for better organization of your open browser tabs, the ability to move the entire tab group and even close the entire group with a few clicks. To get started with tab groups launch Chrome if it's not already running Enable and Create Your First Tab Group Open a...
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    Windows 7 Targeted Malware Increased 125%

    If you weren't already aware, Windows 7 reached end of life this year on January 14th 2020. End of life or EOL means the operating system vendor, in this case Microsoft, will no longer develop updates to address security issues within the software. Partly due to the fact that Windows 7 has...
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    Phishing is one of the easiest and most common tactics cyber criminals use to complete their objectives whatever it may be. Most people have received one or more phishing attacks and the amount sent to people is staggering. They can come as text messages, phone calls, email, advertisements on...
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    Opening an Elevated Application

    Ever since the release of Windows Vista you have more than likely run across the phrases "Run program x as administrator" or Run program z elevated" or at the very least have seen a pop-up very similar to this . User Account Control or UAC is a security feature designed to help prevent malicious...
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    A Breakdown of the Emotet Malware (Stage 1)

    While working the on-call rotation at work last week I received a reported phishing email. Like all the other emails I do an analysis to determine if it's a false positive or truly a phishing email. As it turns out this email was indeed a phishing email that tried to convince a user to click...
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    Be Extra Careful Shopping Online for the Holidays

    I'd strongly recommend everyone read the article and pass it along to friends and family. Beware, online shoppers! Cybercriminals have registered over 100,000 look-alike domains that resemble popular retail websites | Cyware Hacker News
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    Avast Code Injection Vulnerability

    If you're using Avast and are on a version below 19.8 you probably should update. Avast Vulnerability Potentially Allows DLL Hijacking
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    Discord Altering Malware

    Interesting info stealing malware that alters Discord. Discord Turned Into an Info-Stealing Backdoor by New Malware
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    NordVPN Breach

    I know we have some folks that use NordVPN. Hackers steal secret crypto keys for NordVPN. Here’s what we know so far
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    The Dangers of Unquoted Service Strings

    Hello everyone, in this post we will be discussing and demonstrating the dangers of unquoted service image path strings. If you don't know what that is that's ok we will get into some background. First things first in Windows we have special programs called services. These programs are...
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    Tutorial: Analyzing Malicious PDFs

    Hi all, in this post we will be exploring malicious PDF files and how the bad guys leverage them to infect computer systems. I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with receiving a strange email often times seemingly from a known person containing an attachment. You open it and miraculously...
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    Shell Launcher

    Here is a little utility I put together to quickly access any shell location on your system. Download "Shell" below Unzip Launch "Shell Launcher.exe" Select the shell location you wish to open Click the folder icon
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    Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut List

    Thought I'd put together a list of keyboard shortcuts available in Windows 10. This is by no means a complete list, and feel free to PM me with any contributions. will be used to denote the Windows Key Two Key Shortcuts + Q : Opens up the search pane +W : Opens the Windows Ink workspace...
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    Wormable Vulnerability (RDP service) in Out of Support Operating Systems

    Pretty significant vulnerability that Microsoft is patching even for out of support versions of Windows. For the out of support the update is available only through the Windows Update Catalog. Microsoft Update Catalog TechNet Blog about the vulnerability and direct links to the patch download...
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    Changes to Youtube

    It looks like there were changes made to youtube that push more embedded video ads. If you have an ad blocker such as ghostery it will now completely break youtube videos. I for one wasn't to pleased about that and with my ad blocker disabled I was seeing quite a few ads. Needless to say I...
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    Fastest Way to Take a Non Full Screen Capture

    I always feel like it's a good idea to continue to learn even if it's such a minor thing as taking a fast screen shot. The benefit of this method is it allows you to screen capture just what you need to and automatically adds it to the clipboard for pasting. Simply press the key combo [Windows...
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    Microsoft Planning to Push Out End of Support Notifications

    Starting next month Microsoft is planning to push out notifications to Windows 7 users regarding support ending in January 2020. They will likely be similar to those pushed out for Windows XP. Working in IT these are always annoying because they generate unnecessary support calls. Windows 7...
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    Threat Trend Predictions for 2019

    Threat trends based on Trend Micros research and data protection network. Mapping the Future: Dealing With Pervasive and Persistent Threats - Security Predictions - Trend Micro USA