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  1. Neemobeer

    User login event delay in Windows 10.

    If the application is written in a language like C# you can just register a handler for SystemEvents.SessionSwitch then detect the .SessionLogon event which is broadcasted to Winsta0 (interactive station) assuming the application is not a service.
  2. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Windows Update "Facilitator" KB4056254/KB4023057

    Updates the most simple and free way to protect your device, your data and the rest of the Internet from malicious activity. Poor patch management (Ex: disabling updates) is one of the top reasons for device compromise. Any security engineer will tell you this is probably one of the dumbest...
  3. Neemobeer

    Wireless Captive portal server

    Don't know of any free NAC servers that will run on Windows
  4. Neemobeer

    Wireless Captive portal server

    There are a lot of products. I think PacketFence is a free NAC with a captive portal feature. If it's a Windows server it won't be really any different than a Windows desktop then install your NAC software. If you use PacketFence it will be a Linux server. Server setup guides are a dime a...
  5. Neemobeer

    Laptop with 1 3.5mm audio jack

    Are you sure your y splitter is a headset adapter and not a headphone? The male end of the y splitter should have 4 metal contacts separated by 3 plastic rings.
  6. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Online word processor that looks like code

    I personally wouldn't trust a 3rd party site with sensitive data.
  7. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Online word processor that looks like code

    Then use encryption, even 7zip archives can be encrypted.
  8. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Online word processor that looks like code

    What you're talking about is called obfuscation and is typically used in malware.
  9. Neemobeer

    Ms project file is damaged.

    There are some sites that claim they can repair the files, but honestly having a good backup is your best solution. Side note pretty much all MS file formats doc, docx, xls, xlsx etc are really just zip files that contain a bunch of xml files.
  10. Neemobeer

    Can't access one computer on network

    You need to supply credentials in the form COMPUTERNAME\USER where computername is the remote computer and username is a user on the remote computer.
  11. Neemobeer

    Windows Dynamic Desktop like Mac OS

    Straight from the Github page Can I customize the images? Yes. By default WinDynamicDesktop uses the Mojave wallpapers, but if you create an images.conf file in the same folder as the EXE you can customize the images that are used. The default images.conf can be found here. It is formatted in...
  12. Neemobeer

    Can't get Windows to boot up.

    You'll have to look in BIOS. Boot mode or possibly under security. Typical values will be 'Legacy', 'Hybrid' (csm) or 'UEFI [only]'. Another easy way to check is if you can see at least the loading screen if it's Windows logo with the spinning dots its legacy and if you see the manufacturer...
  13. Neemobeer

    W 7 restart/reboot

    Boot into safe mode and from a command prompt run sfc /scannow after that finishes run chkdsk C: /R, reboot and let that finish and test. Other options temporiarly disable any AV products and see if it boots and I'd also try creating another user and see if that user will can login.
  14. Neemobeer

    Can't get Windows to boot up.

    Have you booted into BIOS and verified USB boot is before the local disk? I would also verify the USB was created with the correct boot type to match the computer either legacy MBR or UEFI
  15. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Answer File to Automate Startup of New Computer

    You should be able to. That would be the OOBE configuration pass of the autounattend file oobeSystem
  16. Neemobeer

    W 7 restart/reboot

    Do you mean there is no restart button or that you click restart and it does not restart?
  17. Neemobeer

    Can't access one computer on network

    What are you trying to access? If you're trying to access the file system for example \\computera\c$ and you ask setup for an account on that computer vs guest. Go into your credential manager on the computer you're connecting from and if you have saved creds delete them.
  18. Neemobeer

    DLNA server on windows 8.1 block control features over LAN.

    Why you'd be using this on a publically accessible network is beyond me. If you don't want people to access the web interface on that public network then you'd have to block the application. Web interfaces will generally be on 80 or 443 or a variant of that such as 8080, 8443, 4443 and you...
  19. Neemobeer

    Network Diagnostic Information

    You can post it
  20. Neemobeer

    Monitor resolution

    Under Control Panel > Appearance and Personalizations > Display you can change the font size of items such as Icons, tool tips, Windows etc.
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