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    Windows 7 ERROR: could not open E:\java\jre7...jvm.cfg --- I canged it to C:\.... but still same problem

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a while but here goes... When I run this certain program which is made in java, it says "Error: could not open E:\java\jre7\lib\i386\jvm.cfg" Now when I check my environment Variables I have JAVA_HOME set to C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\lib\amd64\jvm.cfg...
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    sapphire 7850 random small areas of pixelation

    I have determined this to be a graphics card or GPU driver probelm I am running a catleap 27' with the 7850 and using teh dual dvi cable that the catleap came with. Randomly about every few seconds small areas on the screen become pixelated with little boxes of colors. I went to device manager...
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    I copied the incorrect windows 7 cd key and I have reformatted

    I thought the cd key was the product id so now I have lost the cd key. I purchased it as a download so I am out of luck as the email is gone. I have completely reformated the drive, is there any type of data recovery I can do to recover the cd key?
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    Make windows 7 boot disk? I dont have an iso..

    Hi guys, Im about to try the windows 8 RC but I want to have something to fall back on if I dont like it, I bought windows 7 over the internet and got a download link. From there I downloaded an iso and installed windows 7 . The problem is that I lost the disk and dont have the iso file...
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    Networking Skydrive with Windows Explorer. Cant upload items to certain folders?

    I have it set up so I can access my Skydrive files from windows explorer. There are two folders there MobilePhotos and WMPhotos. Which you can see in the screenshot. I mapped them as network drives but when i try to upload a file to them it says "you need permission to perform this action". I...
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    Windows live calender keeps sending email notifications about my appointments --MAKE IT STOP

    Whenever I have an appointment in my live calender, whether I set those appointments with Windows Live Mail, or my Windows Phone 7, or the Hotmail website I get an email notification about the appointment. I want those to stop. I clicked the link in the email about changing notifications and i...
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    Windows 7 will not detect my 8600m gt and I cannot install a driver

    I am running a sony VGN-AR 870 w7 x64 I had my 8600 working fine but I had to update drivers. So I uninstalled the current driver because I couldnt update. Now My comp wont even recognize the hardware so I am stuck in 800 x 600 and in device manager it says "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter"...
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    W7 + Nvidia 8600M GT worked on RC.. Not working now on offical pro version

    I had the RC running since it came out and everything worked perfectly. Now that I installed the offical Professional version I can not get Windows 7 to detect my Nvidia 8600M GT graphics card. When I bring up dxdiag it says Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, it does detect that it is a NVIDIA but...
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    Downloaded W7, how to make a bootable disk

    I want to get a clean install and reformat my hard drive. I guess when you load w7 from your desktop you do not have the option of reformatting. If you want to reformat I herd you have to boot from the cd. But I bought w7 through a download. I downloaded the pro 64 bit version. How do I make my...
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    Screen brightness not brighting up

    I have it set to dim the screen after 3 min and turn off the screen after 5 min. Once the 5 min mark has passed the screen shuts off (properly) but when it turns back on the screen is still dim. THEN when I go to manually turn it up, using the "Adjust screen Brightness" option on the toolbar it...
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    Cant write properties to certain music files.

    I was trying to write properties to some music files. I have done it before to the same file on vista, but forgot to save so im redoing it. When I attempt to save what I have just entered I get this: "An unexpected error is keeping you from applying properties to the file. if you continue to...
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