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    Windows 10 File search works awfully slow...?!?

    I have a relatively new asus-computer (i7-6700 HQ-CPU, 2,6 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, 64 Bit) + W 10 Home. Suddenly it works really slow, searching files, f.e on both of my external harddrives (each 1,8 TB / each 1,4 TB free). It finds results but sometimes it searches "forever"...?!? Wyh is that so and...
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    How to play forward/backward, stop + jump chapters in ISO-Files/VirtualCloneDrive

    I have installed a BD-ROM Harddrive (virtual) by using VirtualCloneDrive It works just well due to the fact, that I can watch ISO Files. BUT: Is there no way to play forward/backward, jump chapters, stop and play again as if I play a regular DVD on a physical harddrive...
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