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    audio output device

    You might check that your computer is looking at the right input jack. Right click the speaker icon and check the recording devices to see if its using the front or back jack. I had this small prob after reinstall. Quick fix, set the correct one as default LowBudget
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    old software compatability

    Ah, forgot to log in. LOL
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    Backup and Restore Center is blank

    Just went through 3 different system restore dates with no success. It comes up with an error on restart that restore did not work properly. Sure will hate to have to do complete reinstall Vista again, this will be third time. I don't know if this is Dell related or Vista, but it sure bites...
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    Backup and Restore Center is blank

    None of the options in the compatibilty tab are accessible. Gonna try the restore, thanks.
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    Backup and Restore Center is blank

    I have a new problem with Vista. The backup and restore center no longer has any script just some symbols that will not allow vista to backup. Anyone experience this? I have made numerous backups to an external and now I can't. Thanks, Low Budget
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