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    Windows 7 Logitech Setpoint - Binding keys to any Game! SOLUTION!

    After I installed Windows 7 noticed that Logitech Setpoint drivers doesn't allow me to bind all the keys on my G5 mouse in Warhammer Online (probably this issue will be the same for most games, world of warcraft etc). For few days I was trying to fix this. Here is the solution. 1 You can turn...
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    Does 7 come with the latest nVidia drivers?

    Windows 7 installs the nVidia drivers automatically from windows update. But it's better to download the latest from nvidia web site and manually install it.
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    FREE Windows 7 Gadgets

    need one like this but for ebay :)
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    Anti-Virus software....any suggestions?

    As Denskie says, NOD32 ver 4 x64 works perfectly. I installed Office XP and windows update didn't automatically detected that are critical updates for the office but the NOD32 did and NOD notified me that there are critical updates for the Office package.
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    Windows 7 Classic Start Menu

    Hey, that's will do the job for now! Great! Thanks for sharing mate!
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    Windows 7 Theme Personalization - few questions

    Yeah I am talking exactly for this color. Thanks for the answer mate I also thought that it can't be changed but needed to ask, windows basic here I come....
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    Windows 7 Theme Personalization - few questions

    I have included snapshot of my desktop, how/can I change these options? Tried anything to change that color but no positive result, this is the color whit all aero themes. If I switch to windows clasic theme then the color changes to gray but the aero function doesn't work. Anyone got any idea...
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    Windows 7 Classic Start Menu

    I dont like the default Windows XP theme not to mention Vista, no comment about Windows 7. And I really hate the new start menu (the only think I liked in windows was the classic menu), not simple at all ... user friendly they say, yeah right. Hope Autodesk will make 3DSMax for linux someday so...
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    Windows 7 Warhammer Online Free Trial

    I installed the patcher without worries but the game needed Directx 9.0c to run, installed it from the War DVD and it runs perfectly now way better then on the xp....
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    Windows 7 Careful what you click on

    nice, thanks for this info. Since I haven't tried win 7 yet I am just going to isntall it I guess it's possible to turn on show extensions for unknown files right?
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    Windows 7 Official Windows 7 RC now on MS Website

    I am downloading it now, it looks like the release didn't changed is still 7100 7100.0.090421-1700_x64fre_client_en-us_retail_ultimate-grc1culxfrer_en_dvd.iso
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