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  1. PhilipW

    Win 7 freezes on resume from sleep

    From my experience this normally occurs as a result of the hard drive stopping. Sometimes the hard drive is set to turn off even before the PC goes to sleep. Go to "Control Panel", then "Power Options", then "Change advanced power settings", then "Hard disk", then "turn off hard disk after"...
  2. PhilipW

    win7 32bit and win7 64bit

    nidge20 user said 1 hard drive and not 1 PC. Don is correct, you can only install 1 key on one PC. However, you can have a back-up drive for your PC and have the same key installed on that hard drive. While that is legal, Windows may call one of the installations as not genuine, but I doubt...
  3. PhilipW

    How do you block Ads on IE unlimitedly?

    If there were an adblocker for IE the only kind would be some kind of a tool bar. As an Network Administrator I have seen a tool bar that I didn't remove as fast as I could. The best Adblocker is called Adblocker Plus and it is a great tool, but is for Firefox and it is free...
  4. PhilipW

    Remote Desktop will not accept credentials

    One of the main areas that remains the same is the profile folder it's self. If Mary Roe married John Doe and wanted to change her name, one way to do this is: First Create a new profile Mary Doe Log into that profile at least once. Reboot the computer and log in as an administrator that is...
  5. PhilipW


    W/out the %userprofile% it did not work on my Windows 7 Ultimate.
  6. PhilipW


    You may need to change that command to: "ipconfig /all > %userprofile%/desktop/ipconfig.txt" if you want to create a text file on your desktop.
  7. PhilipW

    Browser problem

    I really think this is one of those cases where DOS is your friend. Go to the RUN command and type cmd to open a command prompt. The first command to type is "ipconfig" to see if you are getting an IPAddress that is a good start. Your address should be something like If your...
  8. PhilipW

    How to Share Documents Folder on Workgroup

    I'm glad you have it working. It seems to me the Advanced Sharing is easier to use too. Go figure.. :-)
  9. PhilipW

    Win 7 slow boot.

    What kind of computer is it? Laptop or Desktop / Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc. Knowing that might help us to know what onboard diagnostics you may have available.
  10. PhilipW

    Win 7 slow boot.

    I have done it both ways. Doing it one at a time is the best way to effectively find out which one affected you. But I never had the time to reboot a computer over 60 times while the customer was being billed by the hour. My clients would of had a heart attack. If I broke that down in...
  11. PhilipW

    Win 7 slow boot.

    I believe Mitchell_A is heading in the right direction w/ his question on what Anti-Virus are you using. I have seen a computer startup slow down in 4 scenarios. 1) You have a virus or malware 2) You installed a large program that is slowing down the PC (e.g. launching a SQL database) 3) There...
  12. PhilipW

    How to Share Documents Folder on Workgroup

    I think the problem is you are clicking on "Share" from "Sharing" tab. Click on "Advanced Sharing" instead. Click the check box next to Share this folder Then click on Permissions I think it is easier to add users here. Also, you must choose a account that is local to the PC you are...
  13. PhilipW

    Lock RDP session when idle for a specified period of time.

    On the run command type "gpedit.msc" Go to "Computer Configurations" > "Administrative Templates" > "Windows Components" > "Remote Desktop Services" > "Remote Desktop Session Host" > "Session Time Limits" Then on the right you will see various options for setting limits. I don't believe you...
  14. PhilipW

    user acc't's

    Short answer : you need to move the folder. Go to C:\Users\Public\Documents and right click on Notes and select Cut. Then go to C:\Users\us\Documents and click Paste This assumes the name of the administrator account is "us"
  15. PhilipW

    Running programs created under Vista on Windows 7

    Windows 32 (XP, Vista, & 7) install most programs in the folder "c:\Program Files" Windows 64 (XP, Vista, & 7) install 64 bit programs in the folder "C:\Program Files" and 32 bit programs in "C:\Program Files (x86)" Most programs update the registry and add dll files, etc to the Windows folder...
  16. PhilipW

    user acc't's

    Personally, I would not use the full path unless I needed to share more. If you only want to share notes then find the notes folder from Windows Explorer. right click and go to properties. Click on the Sharing Tab at the top. Click on Advanced Sharing. It will start with a name that is the...
  17. PhilipW

    daily system updates..???

    You never need a security update until just before you get hit.... You could go years w/out one and never get hit; but it is a gamble. Think of it this way.. Finding a hole in your security can of like finding a small hole in your row boat. You can ignore the hole and ignore the water. But...
  18. PhilipW

    How to Share Documents Folder on Workgroup

    A couple of things about Sharing. 1) if you want to create a hidden share then when you share a folder add the $ at the end of the name. E.G. Docs$ 2) you have to have permissions on a share. If you give "Everyone" permission than anyone can get on that folder. "Everyone" does not show up as...
  19. PhilipW

    Notepad Error Make sure a disk is in the drive you specified

    The easy way to run ScanDisk is to right click on C: drive in Windows explorer and go to properties. Go to Tools. Under Error-checking click check now. Select "Automatically fix file systems errors: and select Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. When you click start you will get a...
  20. PhilipW

    user acc't's

    I'd like to go back to the original question. If I understand you correctly you would like certain folders only visible to Admin account. First under c:\ is the Users folder. There is a sub-folder for each user and one called Public. Anything in Public is visible to all users on the PC. But...
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