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    How do I update my pc specs??

    Hover your mouse over your handle at the top right, then select "Personal Details".
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    Windows 10 Web Browsers

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    Does MS recommend a movie/Blu-ray/DVD player in lieu of Media Center?

    I used to use VLC but never liked it because it's interface is so clunky. I found this player: Global Potplayer and liked it so much better I removed VLC from my computers.
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    How do you clean install Windows 8.1 64bit when currently running Windows 8.1 32bit

    It seems you're doing it correctly. Have you tried re-downloading the ISO from DreamSpark? Maybe the first download was corrupted somehow.
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    Windows 10 Windows sucks.

    I think the OP wants to go back to Win 7 so links to be able to re-install Win 10 won't help. Too bad users don't heed the warnings given to ensure that they back their system up prior to starting the upgrade. If the OP has a valid Win 7 product key, Win 7 install disks can be downloaded from...
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    Retrieve your Windows Product Key without extra software

    Are you pasting the command above into the PowerShell prompt? (Won't work from a normal command prompt)
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    Retrieve your Windows Product Key without extra software

    Copy & paste below so you don't need to type the command: $(Get-WmiObject -query 'select * from SoftwareLicensingService').OA3xOriginalProductKey
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    My hard drive is failing!

    If the hardrive is clicking, you don't need speakers or headphones to hear it. The clicking is mechanical not electronic. Since you are hearing mouse clicks, it leads me to believe it's a software issue. It also might be a problem with your mouse. Is there any chance you could try plugging...
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    My sad tale trying to resolve a Windows 10 installation!

    Hope the OP figured out that he could perform a clean install using his Win 7 upgrade disk so he could legitimately upgrade to Win 10.
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    Insider Preview Windows 10 Insider Preview

    I am running the latest build and don't see anything "magic" about it. I still don't plan to upgrade my Win 7 or Win 8.1 machines as Win 10 just doesn't offer anything better. Only reasons I see to upgrade are 1) You really, really want Cortana. (I don't) 2) You really, really want the Edge...
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    How do i change Windows 7 32bit to 64bit without reinstalling

    Since you have Win 7 32-bit on your machine you might have noticed that the OS cannot access all of the 4GB of RAM you have in your system, it can only use around 3.5GB or so, the rest is wasted. On top of that, you will not be able to add additional RAM should you wish to in the future. The...
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    How do i change Windows 7 32bit to 64bit without reinstalling

    One little correction to what Clifford posted here. 32-bit can run 32-bit AND 16-bit applications whereas 64-bit can run 64-bit and 32-bit appl8ications. This distinction only becomes important if you have older 16-bit software that you need to run on a new machine.
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    Windows virtual PC loading issue

    In a VM, the hardware is emulated and the hardware that is emulated is pretty generic so that the OS will most likely include the needed drivers. This is especially true with XP Mode since it is a "canned" VM from Microsoft. I have no idea why you are encountering that issue. Have you checked...
  14. strollin far as an XP emulator goes?

    I don't think it's possible to migrate that Win 7 in Parallels to Boot Camp, best to do a clean install.
  15. strollin far as an XP emulator goes?

    Sounds like you need t use ethernet on the Sony or get an inexpensive USB wifi adapter.
  16. strollin far as an XP emulator goes?

    I installed Win 7 in Boot Camp on my Mac Mini back in 2009. See this on how to do it: Install Windows 7 and earlier on your Mac using Boot Camp - Apple Support It's not clear to me, does the Sony have an internet connection or not? If it has a connection via whatever method, then the VM will...
  17. strollin far as an XP emulator goes?

    Does the Sony connect to the internet by itself? The VM emulates a NIC so even if the laptop connects via wifi, the VM will appear as connected via Ethernet. As long as the laptop can connect, the VM should have connectivity. If I were you, I would install your Win 7 Pro in Boot Camp on your...
  18. strollin far as an XP emulator goes?

    I'm confused. What Windows emulator? I don't know of any. In order to get updates in XP, go to Control Panel->System which will bring up the System Properties dialog. Select the "Automatic Updates" tab and setup automatic updates. Once you do that you'll start receiving updates. As a test...
  19. strollin far as an XP emulator goes?

    I believe if you install XP today, it will still receive all the updates that were available up to April of 2014, MS just stopped supplying new updates after that date. Based on the System Requirements listed here...
  20. strollin far as an XP emulator goes?

    Best route? Download VirtualBox from and install it. It's free. However, it is NOT an XP emulator. VirtualBox emulates the hardware and acts like you have another machine running within your physical machine. You have to supply the software, which means if you wish to run XP...