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  1. Ralph Bromley

    11 reasons why Windows 11 is a failure (rant)

    So... yeah Microsoft bloody blew it again, like Sisyphus it got that rock up the mountain with Windows 10 only for it to fall down with Windows 11. I mean... what is the point of Windows 11 again? Oh yeah, sell new computers in an economically stressed world... as the British say: bloody...
  2. Ralph Bromley

    Win 11 update fails before I even begin!

    Stick to windows 10, you got 5 years and if you styill want to keep your machine the linux option is always out there.
  3. Ralph Bromley

    Windows 11: What the hell is Microsoft thinking? (RANT)

    I am predicting this now: Windows 11 will be the worst Microsoft OS since Vista and 8, and it's all because of 11's stupid requirements. Really Microsoft what the hell are you thinking, cutting off all processors made before 2017 all based on stupid requirements no one asked for. TPM is a joke...
  4. Ralph Bromley

    Windows 10, Version 1903, 19H1, May 2019 Update SuperThread

    The biggest lie ever told laduies and gentilemen! I have had nothing but pain and agony trying to install windows 10 1903. It is frankly a garbage update from a garbage company. I run a tight ship so no this is no user error issue as I keep my system up to date. My issues i am placing full...
  5. Ralph Bromley

    The user friendly Linux list 2019

    Eh there is such thing as too vanilla though, I actually like some chocolate in the mix :D And sometimes i prefer the more chocolate approach. Like what Ubuntu has done to gnome shell, turned it from a crappy iphone interface and made it into a semi less crappy iphone interface.
  6. Ralph Bromley

    The user friendly Linux list 2019

    KDE neon is nice and I have played around with it. My only issue is that its very bare bones even compared to kubuntu and kubuntu is already vanilla. I mean yeah its KDE's own distro and yes its meant to be vanilla but i actually like a mix of apps.
  7. Ralph Bromley

    The user friendly Linux list 2019

    Hey windows forums long time no see! Anywho on a few other tech forums with a linux section I go to I try to manke a anual list of Linux distros for windows users to try on the side and with Linus covering Linux recently I actually have a list of linux distros to try. 1: Linux Mint 19.1...
  8. Ralph Bromley

    Vista's end of life and what to do about it

    This topic is targeted at Vista users mainly who may visit here only for Vista support. On April 11, 2017 support for Vista will officially end meaning that there will be no more security updates, no more official support from Microsoft period and you will be left with a unsecure OS. I highly...
  9. Ralph Bromley

    Want to erase dual boot to Linux Mint and Just Have Windows 10

    What kind of devices are on this laptop? Shame to drop as nice dual boot, maybe you can keep the dual boot for backup purposes.
  10. Ralph Bromley

    Windows 10 Reinstalled windows 10... will not activate!

    Okay so today I was having some major issues with windows 10, apps were taking forever to load and i did a defrag and after some more issues i decided to reinstall windows. But for some reason i keep on getting a error 0xC004C003. So windows 10 as of now is unactivated, I had a valid key and I...
  11. Ralph Bromley

    Vivaldi: the new kid on the block

    well if it works in chrome it will work in vivaldi, its based on the same engine without being just another chrome clone
  12. Ralph Bromley

    Vivaldi: the new kid on the block

    Vivaldi now as its first major update, Vivaldi 1.1: A New Web Browser for Our Friends
  13. Ralph Bromley

    Vivaldi: the new kid on the block

    In recent years it seems like nearly every browser under the sun has become a clone of google chrome in some form or fashion. From Opera,to Maxthon, to Edge to even Firefox looking more like chrome then it does its own browser. Its attack of the chrome clones and its gotten very stale and...
  14. Ralph Bromley

    The Walking Dead

    I stoppede watching in season 5, the characters just become set pieces rather than characters.
  15. Ralph Bromley

    Windows 7 ANTI VIRUS

    Antivirus clients do come in handy, but really the best antivirus client is the person behind the computer. Never download things you dont know about, do your homework and research on what software to install, and beware of emails with odd attachments even from someone you know. Avoid strange...
  16. Ralph Bromley

    Best cheap computer setup for GTA V and some Steam games?

    May not want to go skylake after hearing this: Intel admits to Skylake bug that freezes Windows and Linux systems The search for huge prime numbers may have revealed a fatal...
  17. Ralph Bromley

    Upgraded to win 10 july no 1511 yet

    I had windows 7 on my machine and it sure bit me in the butt. Thankfully I have linux as a backup OS, it helped make sure my files were preserved
  18. Ralph Bromley

    Upgraded to win 10 july no 1511 yet

    I personally just had a nightmare experience with this update, for me the only way to get it to work was a fresh install. I even tried the media creation tool, my system was a wreck.
  19. Ralph Bromley

    I want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (Not Clean install)

    It should upgrade rather than fresh install, however do be cautious and back everything up. Failures do happen so backing up all your data (the OS included!) is a recommended step.