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  1. badrobot

    Windows 8.1 +1 for Windows 8.1

    I downloaded the latest update for Windows 8 the other night. I haven't played much around it but I think the best thing about the update is the return of "X" button for closing apps which I am sure is greatly appreciated by mouse lovers. Nice one Microsoft! Cheers!
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    VIDEO Old Tech + Young Gen = Syntax Error :)

    I don't know if this video have been shown here before but it's worth watching it again anyway. I laughed a lot on this one.
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    Forum "Live Stream"

    Sorry but I don't know where to place this thread. Whenever I log in to this forum, I always go to Live Stream to check the latest posts. From the day that Live Stream tab was created, I always hated it. Is it possible just to make it a static page and just give it another name like "Latest...
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    A Linux Based Win XP? Nice!

    China is probably saying, "If you can't join them, beat them!" "Windows XP is officially an unsupported operating system, so it no longer receives updates and security patches from Microsoft, but that doesn't necessarily mean that users are ready to give up on it." More...
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    Why Classic Shell is the best FREE Start Menu Reviver

    Simply because it has everything that others don't. Comparison Chart with StartIsBack, Start8. etc., Others will say, "YOU DON'T NEED IT." I will say, "WHY NOT? IT'S FREE and it makes my daily computing hassle-free." Best of all, I...
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    Windows 7 Free EaseUS Partition Master Professional

    Sorry for late sharing, there's about 3 hours left before the giveaway is over. Use a disposable email address to get your free license. I did not get the license within 15 minutes but there was an email address provided to remind them and I got the license within 5 minutes after sending the...
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    Windows 7 Chrome Remote Desktop

    Did you guys know there is a Chrome app for Remote Desktop? Now you can help a friend fix his PC remotely within the Chrome Browser... I just found this out today. Way cool! Here's the link to the app...
  8. badrobot

    Windows 8.1 Window 8.1.1 update & SuperAntiSpyware

    I have a Superantispyware pro that came with 3 home use licenses. I used 1 for my main PC running Windows 7, 1 for my HTPC running Windows 8.1 & 1 for my 10" tablet running Windows 8.1. After updating to 8.1.1 , my 2 Windows 8 systems were recognized as new systems when I open up...
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    Update your Linux sticks...

    Ubuntu users, time to update your usb sticks... 14.04 is out! Cheers!
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    Giveaway: MiniTool Partition Wizard PRO 8.1.1 (FREE License)

    This is one of my favorite programs for hard drive and partition management. All you need is an email address (use a disposable email address if you don't want to share your private primary email address but make sure you can open up your email for activation) to sign-up. License will be sent...
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    Microsoft Thanks 5-Year-Old Who Found A Hole In Xbox’s Password Security System

    This is so cool! "Yes, a boy who likely just learned to tie his shoes cracked the Xbox One’s password verification system accidentally while he was trying to log into his dad’s Xbox Live account. He was being a naughty kid and playing games he wasn’t supposed to be, and his father finally...
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    "SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure Attribute failed: #5"

    I haven't had any hard drive problems except for accidental partition deletion, etc. I got this message last night from 1 of my drives and also a boot-up warning telling me which drive is failing. I've already moved out all my data from it. I also run a DPS Self Test which gives me a Code 4...
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    Windows 7 Qnap or Synology? Which is better?

    I want to get an entry level network attached storage at around $300 only (diskless 2-bay systems). Any thoughts between the 2 brands? As of the moment I am only using the 2-USB 3.0 ports on my ASUS RT-N65U dual band router to share 2 hard drives on my home network. I just I wanna go 1 level...
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    Sunset and cat lovers beware.

    Sunset and cats can be hazardous to your online bank account. Full story:
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    5Ghz Wifi Adapter

    I just wanna share something to you guys here who spends a lot of time in forums or anywhere on the web using an old laptop or PCs with only 2.4Ghz wireless adapter. I have not been using my Vista laptop for years because of it's "slowness". Even web browsing is so slow even though I have a...
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    ...and speaking of backup...

    I haven't tried this yet so I don't know if it will work or not. I have a separate partition for my automatic backup setup using Windows' native utility called Backup and Restore. The question is, is it okay to hide a partition even though it is in use as a destination storage for my backup...
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    Windows Activation Question

    Quick question: Is there a limit on how many times you can use an OEM product key to activate a clean installed windows OS on the same machine it was originally pre-installed on? Thanks!
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    Ubuntu 12.04 Is More Secure Than Windows 8...

    The UK government now says that Ubuntu 12.04 is the safest operating system available, way ahead of Windows 8 and Mac OS X. Full article here: ....
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    Windows 8.1 W8.1 ISO coming out later this month.

    Microsoft changed their mind and is planning to release the much sought-after Win 8.1 ISO. ...