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    Will XP run on a SSD?

    yes it does. i have NEVER seen a pc that cant install to a sata drive. it may be possible that early non service pack versions did not have them. you need to remember that by around 2005 virtually all pcs were running on sata drives so the drivers would of been in any service pack that became...
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    Windows 11: What the hell is Microsoft thinking? (RANT)

    i have been using 11 and im quiet happy with it. its far from perfect with a couple of minor niggles. at least it aint as bad as ME, vista or w8. I actually still use XP on my laptop alongside w10 although i have disabled internet access in xp. I use it to run car diagnostics software (autodata...
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    I hope somebody can put me out of my misery. i have a w11 pro pc and it sometimes has an annoying habit of when opening a folder all the files in the folder will vanish as if being deleted leaving just an icon and no file name and when they are all gone they will then reappear as if by magic...