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    How To Backup Two Factor Authentication on Mobile

    Agreed, but that's just for the Google login. I was referring to all of the accounts that one adds to the Authenticator app.
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    How To Backup Two Factor Authentication on Mobile

    I agree with you but I was hoping that someone had a similar problem and found a solution. Cause I'm thinking about it like passwords. We have password managers to handle the password issue but now that we have all these two factor logins, how are people handling its backup and re-deployment...
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    How To Backup Two Factor Authentication on Mobile

    Hello - I was wondering if there is anyway to backup or resync two factor authentication accounts from a mobile device after it is hard reset or after you have transferred the data to a new phone. So let's say you have a mobile device (Windows Phone, iOS, Android, doesn't matter) and you have...
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    Ie 9 bugs

    I know I did not reset my browser, although it crossed my mind. Sometimes I get so fedup with the lost of history, cookies and everything else (I realize you can decide what you want to wipe), that resetting the browser to its default settings is usually a last resort for me. IE would not have...
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    Ie 9 bugs

    Yeah, same thing here with financial websites. One of them I cannot log into at all, however I did call them (the financial firm) and let them know about the issue. And another site, when I want to log out the buttons do not appear and you have to hover over where you think they are and click on...
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    Internet Explorer 9 Beta released

    Also using it myself, it is nice I like the more stream lined look but also a few things I do not like. Having the tabs and the address bar on one line is cool for those who only have perhaps 1 to 7 tabs open but any more or in the double digits, it might be an issue. The integrated search...
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    It's Here: iPad Optimized Porn

    Hah, Fleshbot is a cool site. But with respect to the article, there is so much free porn out there, sometimes I wonder how these sites survive by charging $40 (or any amount) for subscriptions
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    Stripper mobile back on the streets in Tampa (New video)

    Hah, that's a pretty cool idea business wise.
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    Where do I find "Command Prompt" prgm?

    Just to make a small correction, hold the "Windows button", which is next to the Ctrl or Fn orAlt button depending on the keyboard configuration and press R as stated above. So Windows Button + R and then type CMD
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    Anyone carry CompTiA A+ need advice

    Thanks for providing the Pro Profs link, here thinking about taking a few of the CompTIA exams myself and have been looking around for information and websites to help me out and the site is quite useful.
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    IE8 Beta download

    I have not and probably won't install IE8 until the final code is released but a heads up on an article I read the other day said that with Windows Update, some users who installed IE8 could not update Windows. Windows Update was asking for IE7. I think the article said that you could tell IE8...
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    Help me out?

    I cannot give you any advice off the top of my head, simply because I do not follow "the latest and greatest" on a daily basis. I know a site like Tom's Hardware - Computer Hardware News, Tests, Ratings and Reviews should be able to help you out, although personally I have not used the site for...
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    Windows Vista SP1 download

    2. The final version has been released to particular groups of Windows users and manufacturers. For the general public, it will be released in March or there about. 3. I remember reading articles (cannot source them right now), which says that it affects some security suites (i..e antivirus...
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    Windows 7 Clueless on Virus Cure

    You can also try Prevx from Prevx - Helping You Fix The Threats That Others Miss . they have a free scanner which you can use. Can't remember if it does removal though during the trial period. Sometimes that program picks up stuff which the antivirus suites do not.
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    Vista SP-1 Installed And Running

    Running SP1 here also on a 4 or 5 year old desktop machine. AMD 64 3500+ 2.20GHz processor with 1GB RAM. Only use the machine as a server really and to download files. Couple problems with Prevx Prevx - Helping You Fix The Threats That Others Miss and TrendMicro but those have been sorted out...
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    win xp & vista boot looder

    EasyBCD is another option which handles operating systems including Windows: Download EasyBCD 1.7.1 - NeoSmart Technologies
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    Vista not running right after Skype Install

    I did not read the link that Celestra posted but have you tried installing Skype without the IE plugin that it installs by default? I don't run near so many instances or tabs in IE as you do but I installed Skype without the IE7 or Firefox plugins. Maybe you could reinstall Skype without the...
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    Windows Vista Minor Problem, Need help.

    All of the above are solutions, which I have used myself, but sometimes also turning off UAC and doing the install, then turning it back on, is another solution to your problem although inconvenient.
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    Another reason why your glad you bought Vista

    It is interesting how we all have such different experiences with Vista. Over the last year or whatever, people have complained about driver support but I find Vista has much better driver support out of the box than with XP. I just had to install Vista on a 4 year old desktop and it was amazing...
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    Windows mobile device center

    With respect to your problem about syncing your mobile device, see if the link in this post helps. I had a problem with my Windows Mobile 2003 device with a clean install of Vista but after applying the udpate, I was able to sync...