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    Need USB power shut off while in SLEEP mode

    I have a MS SURFACE PRO (1st generation) that is left plugged in all the time. I need the power shut off to the USB port when the computer goes into SLEEP mode. I have searched all the settings, but there is no option to turn off the USB power when in SLEEP mode. I leave the Surface Pro...
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    Joystick support

    I'm using a custom 6 channel ANALOG USB Joystick. That is, it has three "joyticks", none of which are buttons. The first 4 channels work fine. But the last two channels do not work properly. The Channels I'm using are "named" Rz, Y, Z, X, Slider2, Slider1. The Slider 1 and Slider 2...
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    Screen not dimming on laptop

    I have a Lenovo G530. Win 7 runs great on it, but there is no provision in the POWER SETTINGS to dim the display while on batteries. The dimming buttons on the keyboard don't work either. I downloaded and installed all the Lenovo drivers (display, chipset, etc). Am I missing a driver...
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    Can't connect with XP machines

    OK, I'll try this. But please note that I have all firewalls turned off, and am running NO A/V software. I have a Linux machine between the internet and my home network. It does a good job of keeping the bad stuff out.
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    Can't connect with XP machines

    I have a home network with 7 or 8 XP machines. All are on the same workgroup. All share EVERYTHING. All have passwords. All are logged in with an ADMINISTRATOR account. All can see each other on the network. They all talk to each other just fine. All the GUEST accounts are turned ON. I loaded...