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    Error 0x0000225 when booting VHD

    Hello there, I am aware this is the Windows 8 discussion forum, however my question relates as the issue occurs on a VHD which was created from a Windows 2012 R2 disk (which in turn, is a Windows 8 "server" version) Basically I wanted to migrate a physical Windows 2012 R2 server as a VM, to be...
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    Windows 10 completely disable windows defender schedules

    I can stand no more windoes defender automated schedules. My laptop CPU rockets to 70% for half and hour and the lappy gets boiling. I have attempted to disable each entry in task scheduler however this will not stop defender to run randomly How can I stop this? PS - I want to keep real time...
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    Windows 10 Prevent Windows 10 from applying updates automatically

    I hate Windows 10 updating and restarting machines automatically, although in "advanced options" I have selected "notify to schedule restart". Is there a way to stop this?
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    Windows 10 File search not working

    Since my upgrade to Windows 10240 from 8.1, file search (windows key + search string) returns no results. Rebuilt index from scratch. Not working. Any hint?
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    Missing access point from available wifi list

    My computer was upgraded to w10,however it won't show my router in the available connections among others. The adapter is working but it may be not configured properly? I have tried to force only one from a/b/g/n with no luck.
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    Will the upgrade start automatically?

    I am wondering if the upgrade begins automatically or the user will be prompted before the upgrade process begins?
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    Halting windows 10 upgrade

    Is there a way to halt a previously requested upgrade, before it begins automatically?
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    Resume from Hibernation stops with 0x9A

    On a brand new, freshly installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 i get the following error when resuming from Hibernate: "Your computer can't come out of hibernation. Status 0xc000009a" No other info, no reference to any file such as hyberfil.sys..... I have tried to "powercfg -h on/off", reboot...
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    Is UEFI any worth it?

    I have just moved to a brand new DELL Latitude E6520, UEFI-enabled. I was told that UEFI is the way to go, solves the 2TB storage limit, shortens boot time to fraction seconds, and more. Once configured Windows 7 Ultimate 64 on top, I have discovered that: - Boot time is same as with Legacy...
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    Change special icons

    Some special icons (like user folder on desktop) can't be changed, apparently, because no "properties" menu item appear in right-click context menu. Is there some way or tool to achieve this?
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    Windows 7 (64) - Missing sound Card on UEFI setup

    I am using a brand new Dell Latitude E6520. The notebook has double BIOS configurability with "Legacy" or "UEFI" mode. I have performed a first setup using UEFI, however the sound card is missing in the device manager list, without any "unknown device" appearing, as if the adapter is not...
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    File search fails

    Overwhelmed by the information storm, in the web sphere, I still didn't get it how to perform an old fashioned file search. I was looking for a file (extend.dat) in the Users folders and used Search to achieve this but it would not return any match, using the name: filter, wildcards, partial...
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    Again on BSOD when waking up from sleep and sleep-hybernate enabled

    Good morning people, I'm experiencing lately this problem: when turning on the computer from sleep, a BSOD will occur, not with the same error code. I have performed a memory test with Microsoft diagnostics tool but no error was issued. The computer is a Dell Vostro 1500, originally shipped with...