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    Custom font size doesn't stick?

    Does anyone know why my Ease of Access "Make text bigger" font size selection doesn't stick on my laptop? Whenever I have my USBC hub plugged in with the external HDMI monitor the machine always starts up with a small font even know I already and previously selected 133% font size. It even...
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    Shutdown/restart dialog?

    I need to make a shortcut to bring up the shutdown/restart dialog box. The same dialog that comes up when you hit ALT-F4 on the desktop as Admin. In Windows Server 2012 R2. Anyone know how to trigger that? Thanks.
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    Windows 7 Whats this status bar called and how do I turn it off?

    What this information bar called in the attachment? Can it be removed at all? Thanks.
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    Windows 7 Frustrated in font land

    I'm trying to change the size of the font used for icons. But only for icons. Everytime I change it it also changes all other explorer font sizes including the start menu and explorer listings. Why? Does anyone know??? I've attached a screenshot of where I'm changing the icon font (in...
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    Windows 7 Start menu most recent stored where?

    When I click the start button theres a list of the most recent programs I've used. where exaclty is this information stored? in the registry? I looked and couldn't find anything.
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    Disable binding of port 445?

    I'm trying to map a share over an SSH tunnel. I need to stop Windows 7 Ultimate from binding to port 445. Its a nightmare. Does anyone know how? I've tried setting TransportBindName to nothing in the registry but it doesn't do it.
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    Windows 7 Scroll bar width?

    I can't find how to increase the width of scroll bars. This was easy in XP. Anyone have a clue?
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    anyone know where the hell IE8 is for windows 7? I goto and its not even on the list.