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  1. ensta

    Automatically Save Screenshots (Print Screen) as JPEG?

    Hi, Do we know of a way to Automatically Save Screenshots (Print Screen) as JPEG? Don't need PNG, filesize is excessive. Any tips gratefully recieved. Cheers,
  2. ensta

    Change Default Screenshot File Format

    Hi, What's the process for changing screenshot format in W10? PNG is too big to be useful. Any tips gratefully received. Cheers, N*
  3. ensta

    Convert Pen to Mouse Functionality

    Hi, Am looking for a way to force the pen on my external tablet monitor to behave like the mouse using keyboard shortcuts. App in question is MS Whiteboard. Have tried uinsg "left click" as a setting in the driver, and holding down the left click on the mouse and moving the pen cursor. No joy...