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    Windows update auto vs manual

    Windows 21h2 22000652 When I update manually then run compatibility there a fix re: bits. If I leave it on auto and run compatibility it is fine. Is this typical? You can have one or the other but not both, it appears. I would rather run it manually more often than automatically does less...
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    MS Defender Offline Scan

    To find the results of this scan, I use Event Viewer. Upon ticking operational, it always says there was a change but never says what the results of the scan were. Even the friendly view does not reveal the results. If malware is not mentioned are we to assume the scan was negative, or am I...
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    ity hard drives

    Are the Samsung Evo SSD 500GB 860 and the 870 interchangeable so I can just swap them out without conflict? I could either format the new or create a new simple volume, or better yet recover a Macrium image? TY
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    images and cloning

    I have been imaging my system to avoid having to install. It comes in handy as long as the drive is healthy. Should I keep a clone also in case of drive failure or is it better to clean install when the drive fails..
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    I cannot save notepad to desktop. Solved - I did not enter a new name in the field which had *txt
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    remove windows 11 protection history entries

    How can you remove the Defender 11 protection history entries? I have quite a list. I tried Google and YouTube along with 4 other sources and they do not work They say Windows 11 but I think they're 10.
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    optimization two entries

    Can you tell me why there is a second entry which I never saw before? If I should fix it how can it be done?
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    win 11 SM bus controller and PCI device say no driver

    At device and printers in control panel it reports the win 11 SM bus controller and PCI device say no driver. I went to device manager but it could not update driver. I did not install the Asus utility which has drivers with bad things like Norton when installing Win 11.
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    Asus board with odd box of entries upon install

    I have ASUS Turbo Lan, , ASUS -CPU -Z and Intel Optane storage and Management in the list of apps.. They all have an uninstall under each of them. If they are worth keeping I will otherwise I ask if they can be uninstalled. I previously uninstalled the first two but no matter how I tried I got...
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    Windows 11 safety remove

    I have a persistent problem with safety remove and my flash drives but never did with Windows 10. Do you know where that setting is in 11? I had it once but have forgotten where it is.
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    backup system

    I have a n external drive with Macrium images, photos, and other important files. I am running Windows 11. I just tried to use the Windows image backup and it cannot work with exfat which the external drive is- Windows says the external drive needs to be formatted in NTFS. How can I solve this...
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    bit locker

    Google has a variety of answers regarding on or off by DEFAULT. Please tell me which it should be by default and your opinion. Thank you.
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    Device manager

    Other devices -PCI -SM Bus These are needing drivers. I did not install my mother boards Asus utility as I thought it might be malware and included bloat like Norton which can be unchecked. All worked well except this one item I wet to ASUS and saw utilities but there are 9 drivers listed and I...
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    Asus board with a kit attached to Windows 11 install.

    I installed Windows 11 as a ?? clean install only to find a sort of Kit from Asus board with features like Norton, drivers and much more. Just the sight of Norton caused me to be leery. I had this desktop built and after two years found a site that listed the pros and cons. I only installed some...
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    I thought protection history and offline scan would have improved since ten . I find protected folders hard to use. I don't understand either. I also cannot fine offline scan in event viewer. I asked a friend who is very good at these issues and he said neither do I so I do not use them. Am I...
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    upgrade and clean install

    Do I have to do an upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 in order to do a clean install of 11 with the MCT?
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    update + clean install

    Do I have to do an upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 before doing a clean install with the MCT?
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    standard hardware security not supported

    When I click under the above title it says 'I meet the requirements' and lists TPM 2.0, secure boot, UEFI, DEP etc.. I am confused as to whether I do or don't meet security requirements. Also does this tell me whether I can install Windows 11? Thank you P.S. I luckily flashed the Bios which...
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    I am at a motel and instead of WI FI I am using an Ethernet cable. I have my wife's Chromebook and wanted to know if I can do business with relative security?
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    This AM EST at 7 AM I failed at updating Windows 10 21H1 19043.1081. I am sorry I cannot remember the #. I tried everything including recovering an image to no avail. I tired about 6 times and it always said that red waning it was not good. Inexplicably, I ran windows update successfully, no...