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  1. Curious


    Hello again, As you can see with the attached file after copying my libraries to ONEDRIVE, some of them appear with the STATUS Sync Pending. Why this e how can I change this to "Available on this device"' Best regards
  2. Curious


    Good afternoon friends, See if you can help me with this issue. How can I eliminate all kind of permanent ads on the Microsoft Edge homepage, whose example is attached and marked with an arrow. Ads appear more often whenever I open a news page inside the Edge homepage. What I want is to see what...
  3. Curious

    Windows 11 explorer.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    Hello guys, I upgrade to Windows 11 by Windows Update in Nov 17 2021. It works but have already some problems that are not solved in comparation of Windows 10. My question is. I have a Microsoft account with some products registered. Microsoft Windows 11 an Micosoft 365 Personal. Like some time...
  4. Curious

    Windows 11 Information in The Start Screen

    Hello, This information is new in Windows 11. How I can eliminate this Information to appear in the Screen? Thank and best regards Curious
  5. Curious


    Hello, I have Windows 11 and MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 Personal. When I export address book of Outlook to a file .CSV, I have in this file much more contacts then I can see in the address book Why this happen and how I can only see what the address book show me in Outlook? Or where are the others...
  6. Curious

    Windows 10 WhatsApp doesn´t work today

    Hello, My system is: Edition Windows 10 Home Version 21H1 Installed on ‎14/‎08/‎2020 OS build 19043.1288 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0 -------------------------------------------------------------------- I installed Whatsapp version 2.2140.7 (WhatsAppSetup) from...
  7. Curious

    Windows 10 Export Fovourites from Microsoft Edge

    I have instaled Microsoft Edge 92.0.902.73. Until some time ago I could export the Favourites to a File and Import Them again to the Microsoft Edge. Now, I can't do that because i don«t see the option to to this. Someone can help me? Thanks and best regards José Paiva
  8. Curious


    No, my friend. As i said in my question the problem was that the installed version of OFFICE is only a Pre-installation. I contact Microsoft and the solution is, obviously, install the Microsoft 365 because he is not installed!!! But, thanks about your reply. I reply for help another people with...
  9. Curious


    Hello, I have a Microsoft 365 subscription until September 2021. Although this Office is licensed as you can see by the image "Error in Word 3", something is going on. When I start with Word and open a blank document, the following screen appears on the image "Error in Word 1", and then opens...
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    Hello, When I view a video in Microsoft Edge the sound is OFF. I need to put it ON clicking the microphone in the video. How can I put it always ON or Off ? Thanks and best regards
  11. Curious

    Windows 10 Fonts

    Hello, I have installed and i use very much "Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business Version". What font is used by the product and how can I increment to see the screen better? I join a picture of the screen. I can´t almost see nothing... José Paiva
  12. Curious

    Windows 10 Fonts and Size in Windows 10 2004

    Hello, I don't know how to check the font and font size that is installed with Windows 10. I think it's the font "Segoe UI Regular"... This font is very small and not dark enough to be seen without any effort in Windows applications such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Money...
  13. Curious

    Windows 10 Language in "My Feeds" in Microsoft Edge

    Thank you. I´m waiting for the update 2005!!! Best regards
  14. Curious

    Windows 10 Language in "My Feeds" in Microsoft Edge

    I don´t know Why, because the old windows was running a few years ago and well. I can and I like also to help people. I was talking by phone with Microsoft for two hours and 8 minutes. After doing a lot of things the problem was the in Display Definition. See the attached file. I had a custom...
  15. Curious

    Windows 10 Language in "My Feeds" in Microsoft Edge

    Thank You bochane. Everything is resolved.
  16. Curious

    Windows 10 Language in "My Feeds" in Microsoft Edge

    I really don't know what to do with this Windows anymore. Every day a new case appears, in addition to those already reported. Now "Search" in the Task Bar does not work. Very complicated.
  17. Curious

    Windows 10 Language in "My Feeds" in Microsoft Edge

    Friends, Thank you very much for analyzing what is going on with this Windows 10 Version 2004. It is a real misery. I spent the whole afternoon with the story of the icons at the Task Bar. I can't understand what's going on. It is a real shame how a Windows is changed and it gets much worse than...
  18. Curious

    Windows 10 Language in "My Feeds" in Microsoft Edge

    Hello Bochane, Thank you for your response. First question: Yes, the icon always appeared in Task Bar. He disappeared when I installed the Version 2004 only, and yesterday happened what I related in last message. All the problems I referred appeared after installation of Version 2004. Second...
  19. Curious

    Windows 10 Language in "My Feeds" in Microsoft Edge

    A few minutes ago i saw the Network icon in Task Bar. After a Restart this icon doesn´t appear again. Windows my friends... Another question if you please. How can I start a new URL address automatically in a new tab, instead of using the same tab I have open? Thanks.