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    MS Updates

    hy does MS update push 32 bit updates to my 64 bit machine?
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    Monitor brightness dropping just after boot

    Can anyone give me any idea on what may be causing my monitor brightness to visibly drop just after logging into windows. This does not happen every time and when it does, rebooting often 'fixes' it. I have checked all the monitor connections at both ends.
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    Homegroup over dLAN

    Hi I have been using Windows 7 HomeGroup successfully for some time to share data between my desktop and notebook. However, I have just acquired a Develo DLAN Homeplug 200 AV Plus. I have this connecting ok BUT the HomeGroup does not get 'loaded' or recognised over the dLan Is there...
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    Truecrypt System and Volume Encryption

    Configuration:Disk 0 - System [C] - [special library folders pointed to D] Disk 1 - Data [D] - [changed to X for volume encryption process] Disk 2 - Copy Data [E] - [mirror of D] I have used truecrypt system encryption to encrypt Disk 0 I changed the drive letter of Disk 1 to X as I want...
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    Windows 7 x64 Hosts File

    I cannot find the hosts file and need to check that it has not been changed. Looked in: %systemroot%\system32\drivers Can anyone help?
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    Trabsferring full retail version to new machine

    Hi Dell are going to replace my laptop on which I have installed a full retail version of Windows 7. Is there anything I need to do on the old machine to make sure I can install and activate the operating system on the new machine? The replacement will actually be 'exactly the same' model...
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    dvd rom disappearing from device manager

    Dell laptop E5500 running windows 7 x64. DVD ROM appears in device manager after start up for a few seconds then disappears. Showing Error Code 45 (not connected to computer) Earlier this evening it also showed error code 10 (device cannot start) Opening and closing the tray prompts it...
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    special folder default locations

    Can anyone help....? I have tried moving the default locations of the Vista special folders now a few times by using the move location route. All seems to go well until at some point, something goes wrong or I do something wrong and I find a whole host of files being copied over when I know...
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    Hi I have downloaded and installed Win7 for my desktop. I would also like to try on my laptop. Can I use the same key? Thanks
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    command prompt to register ocx files

    Hi, I have worked out that I can drag and drop the location to a command window opened with admin rights. Very useful. However, this my cmd prompt window and pathname which looks correct: Link Removed due to 404 Error but I still get this error Link Removed due to 404 Error Any ideas...